Hey loves! How's your week going? It seems to be dragging so much, I cannot wait to finish work at 3pm tomorrow! I have another Thai lesson on Saturday morning and we are hopefully going to get out and tackle a proper mountain on Sunday if it stays nice! I'm looking forward to it because we've spent the past two Sunday's doing pretty much nothing and I'm getting itchy feet, haha! Maybe I should VLOG this weekend? I actually really enjoy it and I've just swapped Adobe Illustrator for Premiere Pro so I need some footage to practice with! Can you give me any tips and pointers? We are also having a meal out on Saturday with Josh's family for his little brother's 21st birthday which I'm looking forward to. I've chosen all vegetarian options so we'll see how that goes... Never had a vegetarian burger before! We've been thinking about our road trip later this month and have been looking at going to Northumberland for a few nights before coming back to the Lake District, thoughts on that? I've never been but it does look very beautiful. Knowing us we'll have changed our mind 10 times before we eventually settle on an idea, probably on the day we set off! 😉 Anyway, speak tomorrow sometime! Love, L.