Good evening! I’m currently sat here with a Garnier green tea clay mask on and it smells so good. I feel so run down lately, I need pampering and I definitely need a hair cut! How has your weekend been? Did you catch my Instagram story with the 5 different dresses? Well, I’ve decided that I’m not keeping any of them! Why is it so difficult to find a dress when you need one?! I have a wedding to go to in 3 weeks and I’m having no luck whatsoever! 🙁 I had Saturday off work this week and we were going to do something fun, however the weather was crap in the morning so we chilled and later we enjoyed dinner and drinks at Pizza Express with some friends. It was a late one, I just don’t feel cut out for these late nights anymore haha! We have a new member of the family that joined us tonight, he’s currently asleep at my feet! But I’ll show you him tomorrow. Speak soon, L.

  • It’s always the times when you DON’T need a dress that you’re able to find them. And when you’re looking for one, and have alllll the money for one, there are no good ones to be found! I feel you pain, lol.


    • llanafearn

      Haha, so true! It’s always the way! xx