Good morning! Ahh, so lovely to wake up early with the snow falling, again! Although, I think it's about time it started to warm up so we could welcome in Spring now.. Last night we didn't have anything planned but our friends Hannah and Tucker invited us out for last minute dinner with their little one, Zach! Was nice to catch up over food and a few drinks and I always like spontaneous nights. I only had half an hour to get ready so went for my usual 'go-to' outfit that is comfy and warm. My favourite jumper from &Other Stories that I would like in a few other colours for next Autumn, my high rise skinny jeans from M&S, my All Saints leather biker jacket I got for my 21st birthday and of course, my Doc Martens that I never get much chance to wear! I've been looking at the Jadon boot that I'll invest in this year because I think they look so cool with that extra platform sole. Today I don't have much planned.. I'm going to try and get to the gym but I am SO sore from Thursday's workout with my brother, Alex. He made me do a full body workout and my abs and sides are killing me! Then, tonight we have dinner with some friends for Shaun's birthday which I am looking forward to! Have a lovely day, L.


Morning! Wow, what a morning! I woke up at 5:30am ready to go to work and quickly realised that there was no safe way out of my hometown by car. So much snow has fallen through the night and it's very magical walking through 7 inches of snow, in the peace and quiet, listening to the birds tweeting. Gran made bacon butties at about 7:30am and we've been for a walk around the river but my toes were so cold and the wind chill is about -8, I had to come back home and change my coat because all the snow was sticking to it! Today is going to consist of swotting up on my Thai, a couple of toasted teacakes, endless cups of Horlick's and lots and lots of layers! Speak soon, L.


Pink fluffy bag, here. Cardigan, here. Court shoes, here. High heels, here. Trousers, here. Bodysuit, here. Sunglasses, here. Handbag, here

I'm absolutely loving everything Zara has to offer at the moment and I currently have these items sat in my shopping basket that I'm considering buying for the Spring, so I thought I'd share with you guys what my favourite pieces from the site are. I think that those mustard trousers and that floral bodysuit will go so well together but I just need a special occasion to go to or perhaps somewhere in the Mediterranean 😉 I am so into anything inspired by the 60's and I'm so frustrated that those sunnies have sold out already because I was going to get them. I will have to get the tortoise shell ones instead! Ah anyway, it feels too early to even start thinking about the Spring when it's so cold here but I noticed the morning's getting a little lighter this morning so there's hope it will arrive sooner rather than later! Tonight, I'm putting together some of our stuff for the road trip and tomorrow we get the camper van so I'll show you that tomorrow. Have a nice evening, love L.

IMG_3210 copy

I am wearing

Shirt & trousers from Zara

Nike trainers from ASOS

Watch from Cluse

Hoops from Topshop

Everything I am wearing is pretty old because I haven't bought anything new in so long, sorry no links to them! Would you prefer if I found similar items and linked those? Let me know and if so I will do that! It was Josh's little brothers birthday on Saturday so we all went out for a meal to celebrate him turning 21. I didn't plan what to wear so it's a bit mis-matchy but I kind of like it and I was comfortable which worked well for me after 3 courses even though I felt like a balloon. Had to get Josh to take some quick photos at his Grandma's house before we went out and he was a little tipsy so they didn't turn out great which is why I've layered two together, haha! Hugs, L. 


I am wearing

Chenille jumper from Peacocks, here

Dr Marten belt

Mom jeans from Topshop, here

Dr Marten boots, here

Hey loves! Here is a little 'outfit of the day'. Casual and comfy, I like it! 🙂 Woke up early, went for a short run to the gym, had breakfast and then went to Barrow to see my friend Clare and her little one Arlo for my first cuddle. Wow, I don't think I've ever felt so broody in all my life, haha! He is so adorable. I'll share some pictures with you later! The journey to Barrow is so long from home, it took me over an hour to get there and now I'm home, all I want to do is go to bed! It feels like it's been such a long day and I haven't even done very much. Speak again soon, L. 

Click the picture to get the link to them!

Here we have 'thing's I wasted my money on this month', haha! To be honest I think I've done pretty well with my spending this month and I've actually only bought things I really need... (that's what I keep telling myself anyway!) First off are the yellow industrial laces for my Dr Marten boots which I got for Christmas from Josh. I think they look so much better with the contrasting laces and they fit so much better with the socks too. They're still quite rigid and need breaking in properly but I haven't had chance to wear them much. I finally bought a little A5 scrapbook for all my polaroid pictures that I will be taking over the year! Some haven't turned out so great so I probably won't include those but I'm going to swot up on how to adjust the settings so I don't waste too many shots. I decided because I was in the gym so much that I needed some new leggings and a new sports bra. I picked up these from M&S and I love them both so much. Very comfortable and super breathable too! Lastly, Josh and I purchased our flight tickets to Bucharest to see Sam and Lena which I am so excited for because Lena already has so much planned for us to see and do! I'm not sure what to expect with the food but I'm positive it won't be a problem for me, haha! Let me know if you like these kind of posts, I'm thinking of doing them at the end of every month. Lots of love, L. 


I am wearing

Topshop bralet

Pretty Little Thing trousers, here

Zara heels

Here is last nights outfit from our work Christmas do! I had been looking for a pair of plain black wide leg trousers for so long and came across these paper bag ones from PLT and had to have them. Definitely a wardrobe must have, they go with almost anything, just wish they had pockets for a casual look! The bralet is pretty old, I got it around 3 years ago but I still love it! Ended up being home for midnight last night because I didn't feel great so was drinking water for most of the night 🙁 I feel okay today though so hopefully I'm not getting ill or anything. This morning we didn't wake up until 10:30 so now we are going to have a late breakfast/brunch and have a chilled day and gym together later. It's not so nice outside which is a bit sad because I wanted to go for a walk but I guess that's an excuse for a movie and duvet day, haha! Speak again soon, L. 

T-shirt here // Jeans here // Converse here


‘Sup guys! Today has been absolutely glorious! It’s actually been good enough to just wear a t-shirt out today! Still sticking to my trusty mirror for my outfit pics, however I did try and get my brother to take some but they’re crap and I look rancid in them (I’m working on it though, ha!). I filmed a vlog for today which I’ll hopefully get up tonight so you can come see what I got up to there instead of me rambling on here… have a lovely evening! L.



1, here. 2, here. 3, here. 4, here. 5, here. 6, here. 7, here. 8, here.


It’s that time of year again, my favourite time.. Autumn. When the leaves start changing colour and our favourite knitted jumpers start making their first appearance! Oh and the rain sticks around for quite a while too (I really wish it would just do one!). I thought I’d share with you some of the pieces I have sitting in my basket at the moment. This Autumn/Winter I think I’m going to play it safe and not experiment with colour much. I’m liking the basics at the moment, black, grey and white and obviously a good pair of jeans! I think a statement lip or a good pair of earrings are my staple this Winter, what do you think? L.



Well, hello there! Finally, my favourite sweater is back out the wardrobe (well actually my cardboard box as I’m still waiting on our built in wardrobe to be built… *eye roll*). I bought it from &OtherStories last Winter and I’m happy to see that they have it restocked this year too so I’ll link it below for you. It’s so comfy and perfect for these colder Autumn days! I’m back to work tomorrow after a week off, I don’t feel ready yet but it’s been nice to relax and lie in in the mornings. I even got to cram a load of Power in over the past week too which me and Josh are absolutely hooked on! It seems like everyone is watching it, how hunky is Ghost though?! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, L.


Shop the outfit

&Other Stories jumper here.

Super skinny jeans here.

Boots here.

Congratulations to the newlyweds Emma and Steven! It was the most perfect day and the weather was glorious too. Here are some photos from the day. I never managed to get any of the bride and groom unfortunately but Emma looked stunning and what a figure she has! Today has been slow progress… we’ve been getting packed and sorted for our road trip to Scotland in the morning. Josh surprised me and carpeted the van and fit some LED strips in. It looks awesome! It will be so cosy with a mattress in and all the finishing touches, haha! I will hopefully get to show you tomorrow or maybe when we are back, depending on if I get time or a wifi connection. Now, it’s time to get sorted, have a sunday roast and get an early night ready for our trip. Ciao ciao, L.


Shop the dress here.

Lipstick (shade plum tuxedo) here.

Get the shoes here.

Bag from Sophie Hulme.



Hey sweethearts! Seeing as though we are well in to wedding season and with a friends wedding to attend in September, I’ve started putting together some outfit ideas! I panic when it comes to wedding and christenings or any other special event to be quite honest. I always have great outfit intentions but somehow end up being unhappy with my choice of outfit (first world problems, I know!). With three months to put together an outfit, here are some of my choices at the minute. Obsessed with floral and silk material at the moment. I think it’s easy to wear, looks expensive (with the right print) and stands out. Statement shoes are a must this season and with these green satin court shoes from Zara, you are most certainly going to stand out a mile! They are very Manolo Blahnik esque! (Thank you Lydia for introducing me to the brand!). Let me know which outfit you prefer! I’m heading towards outfit 1 and 2.. not sure I could pull off matching blazer and trousers?! L.



Outfit 1. Dress, here. Earrings, here. Court shoes, here.

Outfit 2. Blazer, here. Trousers, here. Heels, here.

Outfit 3. Jumpsuit, here. Bag, here. Shoes, here.