Well, my wish of Spring arriving sooner rather than later never happened and it's still snowing outside.. We had to cancel our plans last night as all roads leading in and out of Sedbergh were too dangerous so we had to stay home and cook for ourselves, even though we were so looking forward to meeting our friends and having some good pub food. I had planned on visiting 'The Little Ice Cream Shop' in Hawkshead today and going for a bit of a drive around the Lakes in our new car but obviously because of the weather that didn't happen so we decided to get sorted with our finances, get some bills paid, etc. etc. You know, all the boring stuff we always put aside! But I'm glad we've done it now because I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders! We have a year left of paying the flat off, so around this time next year we will *hopefully* be looking at buying our own house which I am SO looking forward to but it just seems like a lifetime away! I can't wait to have a bit more independence, although I'm not sure how well I will cope with all the cooking, cleaning and ironing, haha! Speak again soon, L.


Good morning! Ahh, so lovely to wake up early with the snow falling, again! Although, I think it's about time it started to warm up so we could welcome in Spring now.. Last night we didn't have anything planned but our friends Hannah and Tucker invited us out for last minute dinner with their little one, Zach! Was nice to catch up over food and a few drinks and I always like spontaneous nights. I only had half an hour to get ready so went for my usual 'go-to' outfit that is comfy and warm. My favourite jumper from &Other Stories that I would like in a few other colours for next Autumn, my high rise skinny jeans from M&S, my All Saints leather biker jacket I got for my 21st birthday and of course, my Doc Martens that I never get much chance to wear! I've been looking at the Jadon boot that I'll invest in this year because I think they look so cool with that extra platform sole. Today I don't have much planned.. I'm going to try and get to the gym but I am SO sore from Thursday's workout with my brother, Alex. He made me do a full body workout and my abs and sides are killing me! Then, tonight we have dinner with some friends for Shaun's birthday which I am looking forward to! Have a lovely day, L.


Hey loves! How are you? Today is glorious and I feel so good lately even though I think I could've done with a couple more hours in bed this morning. I had another lesson with Angela this morning which I think is around my 10th lesson and I still feel like it's not going into my brain, agh! Mum went to Thailand on Saturday to spend some time with my Thai granny (her mum), Sangwan so that's why I'm sharing two photos from our trip to Bangkok last year. I miss it so much! Hopefully one day we have enough money to have a holiday home out there or even just go out there to live forever.. haha! Can't believe how fast it has come around, it only feels like yesterday when we flew out there to surprise my brother. You can rewatch the vlog from that here, but beware it's very cringy and I can't believe how I awful I look! 🙁 love, L.

How are you feeling today?

Happy, cosy and determined I guess.


Best thing to happen this week?

Well, it's still kind of early in the week... but I'm still super excited to wake up and see my new car outside, haha! I think it's going to take some time for the excitement to wear off!


What are you looking forward to?

Feeling very excited to visit Romania in 59 days and stay with two friends and Greece in 107 days which I am so keen for because I need some sunshine! But I'm also going to see my best friend in Leeds for the weekend at the end of the month so I'm looking forward to seeing her too and her new home!


Any plans for the weekend?

We have plans to have food and drinks for Josh's friends birthday on Saturday night and then not sure what Sunday will look like! Maybe I will vlog because I failed with last months attempt, oops.



Hey! Bit of a late one here but it's been a short while so here I am. Feeling uninspired with my blog at the moment, what I'm wearing and I've felt as though I've been too busy to come say hi, so hey! Today has been a good day 🙂 We got our new car yesterday evening after having a bit of trouble with my Mini. It's been a long time coming and it's finally packed itself in which is sad times but also very happy times because I get to drive around in this little beauty! I love mean cars and obviously something with a bit of kick really gets me going, haha! We decided to get a 'joint' car so we got something a little nicer than I ever expected - the Golf GTD in Carbon Grey. I've been driving around today and it's so nippy but feels so much bigger than my last car! It feels like a family car! I got myself to the gym at 7:30 this morning, wow, who even am I? I had my Thai lesson in the morning with Angela and learnt time and days of the week, which was a lot harder than I expected actually! And I even managed to get to the swimming pool for an hour before bed 🙂 I feel so good at the moment in myself, not felt like this in a very long time so I hope it lasts! Speak again soon loves, L.


A very blurry polaroid from our snow day last Wednesday.


Hey guys! How are you? I haven't posted since last week, I've felt like I haven't had too much to say and life isn't so exciting at the moment but I'm in a very happy and content place at the moment. This weekend we stayed pretty much indoors and decided that exploring the mountains was off the cards after the freezing temperatures we have had here! Every time I post on here , all I seem to talk about is the weather, haha! Very British of me, I apologise. We have our new car ready at the end of the week which I'm obviously very excited about but I'm so sad to be saying goodbye to my first car I've had for 4 whole years! I remember being so excited to be able to go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Driving so fast down country lanes, making pointless journeys over to Kendal for a McDonald's or a trip to Asda just so I could go out driving with my friends. I kind of miss being a carefree teenager! Now, all I seem to do is work and look forward to my next week off. Surely that isn't what life is about? Speak soon, L.


Ok, I think it's about time the snow just kind of disappeared. Yesterday was fun when I couldn't get to work and when we were sledging down Tommy Winn's hill in the twilight but commuting in this weather was no fun especially in my little Mini! These photos are from yesterday on our early morning walk along the river. It really was the most perfect day but even my gloves couldn't keep my hands warm!


I mentioned earlier this week about getting a video up on YouTube from our week off but after going through the small amount of footage I got I've decided there isn't enough to play with! But, what would you guys like to see? I need some inspiration and something to aim for. I'm enjoying photographing more things lately but I want to focus more on YouTube so if you have any suggestions then leave me a comment! Love, L.


Hey loves, how's your day been? We made chocolate chip cookies this afternoon, had cheese and biscuits and I ended up napping for an hour or two. We then decided to go for another walk because the weather was so beautiful and dragged my mum and gran along with us too! We walked for a good 2/3 miles, came home for a quick glass of red wine to warm ourselves up and Josh and I went out sledging before the sun set. It was so nice! I felt like a child again sliding down the hill behind our flat, rolling in the fresh snow. I don't even remember the last time there was this much snow or the last time I went sledging come to think of it. The sun set and we laid in the field looking up at the stars for a couple of minutes, before my bum started to feel a little numb from the cold haha! Now, I've showered and we are having steak, homemade chips, roasted cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and fried onions for dinner and I'm so hungry for it! 😉 Lots of love, L.


Morning! Wow, what a morning! I woke up at 5:30am ready to go to work and quickly realised that there was no safe way out of my hometown by car. So much snow has fallen through the night and it's very magical walking through 7 inches of snow, in the peace and quiet, listening to the birds tweeting. Gran made bacon butties at about 7:30am and we've been for a walk around the river but my toes were so cold and the wind chill is about -8, I had to come back home and change my coat because all the snow was sticking to it! Today is going to consist of swotting up on my Thai, a couple of toasted teacakes, endless cups of Horlick's and lots and lots of layers! Speak soon, L.


1. Scampi and chips at Arnside fish and chip shop, the best!

2. Arriving at Wastwater 


3. Our first brew in the camper, with plenty of biscuits of course.

4. Late night runs up the fell behind the campsite to get 4G and check the football scores, haha!


5. Wastwater and Burnmoor tarn

6. Us, half way up Kirk Fell


7. Map reading...

8. Before jumping in that snowdrift!


9. Cooking bacon butties at Stickle Tarn

10. The best pizza (not including my homemade ones), truffle oil, wild mushrooms, spinach and smoked mozzarella! From Chester's by the river

Morning loves! I've woken up to snow, yay! And a cup of tea in bed from Josh, I love that. I love sitting in bed for half an hour on my day off, with the window open, listening to the birds tweeting. Cannot wait for Spring when it's much lighter! Today is my day off so I'm going to try and get lots of things done like pack away our walking gear, gym, go for a walk and edit the small amount of footage I got last week! I'll try and get it uploaded for the weekend but don't expect great things because I barely filmed anything! We were looking at 'Everest Base Camp' last night and oh my god, I would love to do it! It's a 2 week adventure that involves lots and lots of hiking but I imagine the most beautiful views of Nepal! I think that one is going on my bucket list 😉 Now, time for breakfast and I'm going to catch up with the latest episode of ANTM, my favourite show! Love, L.


Stickle Tarn, 21.02.18

Evening! I'm already curled up in bed, with the fairy lights on, a hot water bottle and an extra blanket on the bed because I am SO cold. This next week isn't going to be any warmer either with snow and ice expected, agh! Just when I thought Spring was well on it's way... This is my favourite photo from our week, just the two of us together, eating bacon butties and sipping hot chocolate, watching the sun disappear behind the snow capped mountains. Could I really wish for anything more? I feel so lucky. It was nice to just be at peace, away from technology, social media, television, the indoors and really just make the most of what we have around us. I wish I could escape a little more often... What's your perfect escape? L.


Rent the van, here.


This VW was our home last week! How do you like it? I have the bug now for road trips and adventures and I'd love to one day buy my own and kit it out with all sorts of little cupboards and cute cushions with matching curtains. I once saw an episode of George Clarke's amazing spaces, where a woman had done up and old double decker bus and it was literally amazing! It even had it's own little log burner and roll top bath! How 'bout that! This little camper can sleep four, two in a 3/4 bed and 2 above when the roof pops up! Pretty cosy, right? We cooked bacon, sausages, steak, fried eggs, etc. all in the little van because February isn't the warmest of months. There is an awning that also opens out which would be perfect for cooking underneath but you would have to take an extra gas cooker and a picnic table, something I thought we could've done with during our trip. We also both decided we need to treat ourselves to a pair of Crocs! I never thought I'd buy a pair of those ugly things but I hated walking in the shower rooms, all I could think of was verrucas and the thought of other peoples hair made me feel squeamish, so a pair of those for the shower would be perfect. Big thanks to Christian for letting us borrow the camper van for the week, you can find the link to his website above! Lots of love, L.


Very unhappy we misread the map and walked straight up Kirk Fell, my legs were on fire!


"Did we really just come down the face of that?", yep we did!


Ennerdale Forest

Hey loves! Today has been the most beautiful day and I've been stuck indoor's working all day. How's your weekend going? I've just eaten my dinner and now I'm about ready for a shower and bed. I've just watched the new 'Take Me Out', with girls coming down the lift instead of the men, I think I like it this way around better. Here are a few more photos I have to share with you from last week 🙂 On Tuesday we tried to hike to Pillar Rock, a place I've wanted to go for some years but never had the chance or the gear until now. It's a sentimental place to me and my family as it was where my Grandad, Mick fell and sadly lost his life back in June 1965. Josh and I unfortunately took a wrong turn so ended up getting to a point nearby a little late in the day and as there was still quite a lot of snow and ice and no real path along the mountain side towards Pillar Rock, we decided to head back down Black Sail Pass and call it a day. I felt a little emotional, mainly because it was something I had wanted to do for so long but Josh reassured me we would return in the Summer and we would do it again without risking our own lives, so I'm looking forward to returning to Wasdale when there is less snow 🙂