Hey lovelies! I woke up to sunshine again, yay! I knew the rain was on it’s way so I made the most of a glorious morning and did a 3 mile walk right up the fell. I took the steep route up to the top of Winder and I could feel the burn in my legs and butt – love that feeling. It was so peaceful and lovely listening to the birds tweeting (my favourite springtime sound!) When I reached the top, I could see for miles! Such a beautiful day! It was so warm and it felt so good to have the sunshine beaming down on my pale skin. Later, I met up with my Gran for a pub brunch! Very naughty of me as I’m trying to be good but I couldn’t turn down some pub grub and a glass of vino in the sunshine with my Gran. Now, I’m going to chill out and catch up with some programmes. I might get out again for a jog but it’s decided to start raining and it’s not the same jogging in the rain but we’ll see! Catch you later, L.