Time Out

Hey lovelies! I’ve had a super relaxing weekend (although I worked), I managed to spend a little time pampering myself! Josh is away in London and has been since Friday, he went to watch the Man Utd game at Wembley on Sunday. It’s been a little strange not having him to curl up to at night as we’ve been pretty inseparable since we got together more than three years ago! I’m not going to lie, it’s been fairly enjoyable just being able to chill on my own because I actually really love my own company! I slept like a baby every night which is quite surprising too because normally when he’s not here I wake up every few hours! I spent a lot of time in the bath, something I don’t often do as I prefer showers because they’re quick but ‘bath time’ and catching up with my favourite YouTube channels is definitely going to become a regular thing! I spent some time with my gran and we watched some Saturday night tele together, oh and she cooked a real good roast chicken salad dinner too. I got round to plucking my eyebrows as I’m trying not to get them threaded so often because I’m letting them grow out a little (I’m all about that big brow at the moment), I didn’t however, manage to tackle the tash so I should probably get booked in for a wax sometime soon before people start noticing! I painted my nails, put a face mask on (cucumber on my eyes and all, man it feels so refreshing!), caught up with ANTM *my guilty pleasure*, exercised a little more than usual and I feel great for doing so, bikini bod come at me! But now I’m ready for Josh’s return and I’m looking forward to snuggling up next to him for the latest episode of the Walking Dead tonight! Hope you all had a lovely weekend, speak soon, L.