Through My iPhone


1. Scampi and chips at Arnside fish and chip shop, the best!

2. Arriving at Wastwater 


3. Our first brew in the camper, with plenty of biscuits of course.

4. Late night runs up the fell behind the campsite to get 4G and check the football scores, haha!


5. Wastwater and Burnmoor tarn

6. Us, half way up Kirk Fell


7. Map reading...

8. Before jumping in that snowdrift!


9. Cooking bacon butties at Stickle Tarn

10. The best pizza (not including my homemade ones), truffle oil, wild mushrooms, spinach and smoked mozzarella! From Chester's by the river

Morning loves! I've woken up to snow, yay! And a cup of tea in bed from Josh, I love that. I love sitting in bed for half an hour on my day off, with the window open, listening to the birds tweeting. Cannot wait for Spring when it's much lighter! Today is my day off so I'm going to try and get lots of things done like pack away our walking gear, gym, go for a walk and edit the small amount of footage I got last week! I'll try and get it uploaded for the weekend but don't expect great things because I barely filmed anything! We were looking at 'Everest Base Camp' last night and oh my god, I would love to do it! It's a 2 week adventure that involves lots and lots of hiking but I imagine the most beautiful views of Nepal! I think that one is going on my bucket list 😉 Now, time for breakfast and I'm going to catch up with the latest episode of ANTM, my favourite show! Love, L.