Tapas & Gin


What I'm wearing...

Bodysuit from Zara

Trousers from Marks and Spencer

Shoes from Zara


So, what do you do when your boyfriend is working late and you relied on him for some outfit pictures? Set your iPhone on self timer and plonk yourself next to your plants, haha! And of course, take a mirror selfie 🙂 Do you like my outfit? I absolutely love the print on the Zara body I picked up a few weeks ago. I was unsure what to wear it with and really would've preferred a pair of wide fit navy trousers for the summer but I think these slim leg trousers from M&S work really well and they're also a good staple piece to have in your wardrobe. I'm loving the whole smart/casual look I'm seeing lately, mixing up formal outfits with a pair of trainers so I'm looking forward to recreating some outfits this Spring. Maybe I'll do these trousers 5 ways, would you like to see how I style them? Last night was Becky's hen do at Terrazzo with the work gang! It was so much fun and the food was delicious. I went for the Spanish platter in the end, although there were several other things I could've chosen but you know, I didn't wanna look greedy so I just settled with that... There was a artist on and the vibe was just really lovely but I had work early this morning so it wasn't a wild one, although it could've easily been! Tonight is total chill night, maybe a walk if the weather stays like it is. I love the light just before the sun sets, it's so magical! Then movie, snacks, relax.. Can't wait! Now, time to shower so I will speak to you again soon. Hugs, L.