Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's been almost a week since I last checked in here! The day's are whizzing by lately! This weekend has been busy, I ran my first 3k yesterday (not that far but I could never have ran that before without stopping), helped my mum cooking for a party of 11 which was fun and hopefully I pick up some cooking skills along the way. I've started getting thing's together for our trip away and I'm going to film a 'packing for Romania' video because I really want to get back into it again. We have plans to visit Therme and do lots of walking, the weather should be pretty warm which I'm looking forward to! I've been getting myself prepared by having a few sun bed sessions, although I'm not seeing much difference yet. Today, well I guess we are going to go for a little stroll somewhere but nothing too big as Josh has a dead leg from football and can barely walk, which sucks because I really wanted to tackle a mountain this weekend. So typical, when I want to do something he can't 🙁 I've seen a cave near Little Langdale that I'd like to go to but just depends how tough it is to get to because I obviously have to deal with Mr Hopalong today.. haha! Anyway, have a lovely Sunday, I will check in again later. L <3