And from the heat, the pretty little houses and old cobbled streets.. we ventured in to the mountains. Wow! You've probably heard of the Transfagarasan and you might have even seen it on an episode of Top Gear a few years back. Unfortunately for us the most famous part of the road was closed due to avalanches which is a shame because we would've loved to see it but I guess that means we can go again in the summertime, maybe in the Golf?! European road trip is calling! 😉


This was the view from our balcony at the cabana. So beautiful! The fog kept drifting in and out but I managed to get a few photos when it cleared. It was so peaceful.


When we arrived, we were greeted by this little fella/girl and her friend who reminded me a little of Gandalf.. (he was white, besides from that nothing else reminded me of Gandalf haha). Anyway, she was the sweetest dog and followed us around all morning before we jumped back in the car. I sooooo could've brought her back home with me so she could've made friends with Theo.


Josh captured this photo of me and it's my absolute fav! It's always the ones you don't expect that turn out the best 🙂 


What a view from Dracula's castle after a tough slog up some steps and through the woods that had recently been set on fire earlier in the month due to someone dropping a cigarette! Everything was black! I hate humans. Anyway, Dracula's real name was Vlad Tepes and he wasn't actually a vampire and no he didn't drink people's blood. I can't remember the exact story but he impaled a load of people from one particular town and fought off a Russian army from this castle, you can read all about it online though and it is very interesting, although I'm pretty miffed that Dracula wasn't a real thing.

I was going to post the rest of the photos from that day but I'm literally about to fall asleep and we have a busy day tomorrow, work and then Glasgow with Hannah and Tucker! Probably won't get to speak until after the weekend now. Have a good bank holiday! Lots of love, L.

Next Stop, Sibiu!


"What a difference a day makes.. 24 little hours!" 

So photo number 1 was taken on the night we arrived in Sibiu and shortly after dinner and a bloody lovely snickers ice cream, the heavens opened and it poured. To top things off, we ended up buying two 'out of date' bottles of wine from Carrefour. I never even knew out of date wine was possible! But we managed to get them swapped just before they closed.


Josh and Coops outside our air BnB. The bed was probably the worst bed I have ever slept in but it was cheap so I can't complain too much.


We spent the morning exploring the city and I fell in love with the buildings! The little 'eye' shaped windows on the majority of the roofs were so quirky. There were hundreds of amazing doors but this one in particular was special (lol, as special as doors get). As we were taking some photos I could see a pair of feet stood behind the door waiting for us to finish. She invited us in and showed us around. Behind the doors was a huge court yard, with several dorms as it was in fact a boarding school for foreign students! I would never have thought it, especially in the heart of the city.


Then it was back on the road and in to the mountains, although we had a little dilemma. The route we were originally going to take to our cabana was through the mountains, up past the waterfall and over the top. Instead, we had to visit the waterfall and go back on ourselves adding another 3 hours on to our journey because of snow and road closures! To be honest it went pretty fast, what with the best road trip album we had on in the car, plenty of snacks that we picked up from a little stall and the company of course. At the top of this waterfall (and a little further on) lies the ice hotel, popular for a lot of British tourists but unfortunately we never got to see it as the gondolas only go up and down the mountain when there are more than 8 people and we didn't have much time to burn so we gave it a miss.


It was at this little pit stop that I tried deer for the first time and wild boar but it's fair to say that I wouldn't ever eat them again! We bought so much salami, nougat and the best cheesy bread type thing with sour cream but I can't remember the name of it. And then our journey into the Fagarasan mountains began...


It was so eerie and the mountains that surrounded us were huge! They were even bigger than the ones in the Scottish highlands and it really did feel like jurassic park. When we stopped at the dam, I was overwhelmed by the silence, until some wild dogs started howling so we quickly jumped back in the car and carried on up the mountain to our cabana. An hour later, we reached our cabana. The last one before the road closure! We were the only guests staying there which was a little spooky but I managed to sleep really well after a huge glass of red and some cheesy mash potato, haha!

Sighisoara, My Favourite Place


This was my favourite morning and by far my favourite place. We both woke up early, Josh went for a run with Coops. I showered and sat watching the sun slowly rise and creep through our bedroom window. The air was fresh and it was ever so still and quiet outside. I have decided that this is how I would like to spend every morning.



Cositorarului Casa

We had breakfast in this beautiful little yard, hidden behind over grown hedges and filled with flowers and butterflies. I fell in love with this town. I never in my wildest dreams imagined Romania to be this amazing. It's kind of sad that this country doesn't get the recognition it deserves but also good in a way as there aren't so many tourists.





Church on the hill & Sighisoara clock tower

We roamed the streets of Sighisoara in the boiling hot sun, stopping at various cafe's for a chilled cider as we watched the world go by. I love people watching! It's one of my favourite thing's to do when I'm on holiday, haha! It always amazes me how many nationalities I come across and I always wonder what their story is. I think it's really strange how we only really see the world from our perspective, we were discussing this the other night. So many people in the world but only you get to experience what you have. We climbed the steep steps up to the church on the hill, overlooking the city but my favourite view of the city was from the clock tower. A 360 degree view of Sighisoara and the rolling fields. It was like a little home away from home, minus the grey clouds and rain 😉


Open Kitchen


For lunch we stopped at an open kitchen. It was basically a woman's kitchen she had opened up to the public and you can pick from a few 'dishes of the day' and sit in her little court yard to eat. It was so cute and the food was very yummy too. Everyone we came across in Sighisoara were so friendly and helpful and really made an effort to make you feel welcome. I love that! It's hard when you don't really know the language so there is a bit of a barrier there but thank goodness we had Lena as she did all the translating - I told you I didn't have to do much this holiday!


What I wore...

Top from ASOS

Trousers from Zara

Sandals from Zara

Mango backpack from ASOS

Day One, Photo Diary from Romania






12th May, an early morning view of Bucharest from Sam's apartment we stopped in during our first nights stay. Even though this trip had been booked months back, I still didn't know what to expect. Every time I told someone where we were going it was the same response, 'oh the poverty is so bad over there', 'be careful you don't get pick pocketed' etc. Strangely enough I didn't do any research on Bucharest because Sam and Lena had planned a week jam packed of stuff to see and do, I didn't have to lift a finger (just when I had to eat which was almost every hour of every single day!). We had breakfast cooked for us after a little lie in and then packed the car ready for a 4 day road trip! I was so excited but before setting off we stopped at their local coffee shop for what they called 'the best coffee' in town but for me, a hot chocolate as I'm not a coffee lover, even though I so wish I was.






Peles Castle

First stop, Peles Castle. About a 2 hour drive from Bucharest this beautiful castle sits nestled in the Carpathian mountains. It was a massive tourist attraction, in fact it was pretty tough to get a decent photo without somebody photobombing it! Too many people for my liking.. After a quick walk around the grounds we then spotted a cable car which led straight to the top of the Carpathian mountains so that's where we spent most of the afternoon, gazing down at the miniature village of Sinai from 2000ft above, eating BBQ'd pork and crackling dipped in mustard which was just bloody delicious, sorry no pics, we ate it too fast ;-).














From Sinai we jumped back in our little rental and made our way to Brasov, where we ate amazing traditional Romanian food, tried my first Matcha latte (which was revolting) from Starbucks, walked around the cobbled streets and then finally ended up at this little stall that sold 'kürtőskalács', I totally forgot the name but I've just found it on google and this is what it seems to be called. If you see a stall selling these, try them. They're delicious!



After another short ride and a real good kip, I woke up to this beautiful sunset in Sighisoara. This was where we spent our first night, in the most quaint little guest house. Sam and Lena had found this little gem on their last trip back in September and I'm so glad they did! It features a 500 year old cellar in which the family produce around 5 different liquors. Of course we got to try them all as well as hearing about the history of the cellar and the awards that the liquor has won. That evening we walked around the town, visiting 'Dracula's' house where it's believed he was born back in the 1400's and sampled the local beer and wine at a cosy restaurant.

What I wore...

Top from ASOS

Shorts are old from Levi's

Vans from ASOS

Mango rucksack from ASOS

Summer Days

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What I'm wearing...

Bodysuit from ASOS

Trousers from Zara

Sandals from Zara


Hola! Long time no speak. I decided it was way to full on to blog during my time away in Romania so I took hundred's, if not thousands of photographs and noted down everything I have to tell you so I'll be writing a couple of posts up that I'll publish over the next week or two! We arrived back into Liverpool airport last night, after the most sweaty, uncomfortable flight of my life (remind me never to travel with Blue Air again). Thankfully it was sunny and we had the most gorgeous ride home in the comfort of our own car, which felt like a dream after travelling around in a small rental during most of our time there. Today, we woke up early and went for a run which FYI I was literally nearly dying, I felt like I was back at square one again after a week of eating everything in sight. Later, we took the dogs for a walk by the river, had an ice cream at Hansen's and then we had dinner in my mum and dad's garden. I can't believe how much has changed in a week at home, all the plants are flowering, the trees are lush and bright green, it's truly beautiful and I'm so so thankful I live where I do (probably won't be saying this next week when it's raining but I'll embrace it while the sun is shining, haha!). Now, finish putting clothes, suitcases etc. away and then I think we might do a short walk in the morning but we're not sure as we're both so tired. Speak again soon, L.


Ciao England

So happy to be saying goodbye to England and the dodgy weather for a week. Fingers crossed it’s nice in Bucharest! We ended up being over on our check in baggage which is so typical! We literally have a suitcase full of shoes and trainers and had to have a shuffle around on the airport floor or pay an extra £30! Then I ended up paying £17 for two gin and tonics, man I feel so ripped off! 🙁 Now we are ready for take off, so I will catch you tomorrow in Romania! Love, L.

BTS LCF Photoshoot


Some of you may have seen some photos from yesterday's photoshoot over on my Instagram stories. I feel so weird saying 'photoshoot' because in no means am I a model but I was asked, along with 4 other gorgeous girlies to shoot a collection for Sophie's final project at London College of Fashion. Amazing right?! Not only that but we found out she also helped towards designing Michelle Keegan's last collection for Very and has bagged herself a job at Very after Uni is all over and done with. She's seriously incredible and I'm so thankful she asked ME of all people to model her collection! We were able to use the Old Dungeon Gyhll bar area to get ready which was a god send. It's a good job Soph didn't get make up and hair stylists because we got drenched but it totally made the look. We had an amazing photographer, Becky who I've worked with before for a collection Soph did years ago, during her first year at uni and even though I didn't like how I looked she really made me feel confident in front of the camera which is pretty difficult. The gang we had was such a good group and even though it rained and it poured and our tummy's were grumbling, we battled on and everyone was so optimistic. I really feel inspired meeting these girls, it was like a breath of fresh air. I cannot wait to see the final photos and of course I will share them here with you all too.

Tonight, we are getting sorted for our holiday. I know I have said this for the past 3 weeks but I haven't actually managed to start packing yet so I'm going to start tonight (probably) haha! Then I have one day left of work and then I'm on holiday!! I literally cannot wait. So excited to get away for a week and relax, eat good food and visit a new place with amazing friends and of course my love. Speak to you again maybe tomorrow. Love, L.

My Favourite Skincare Products


If you haven't seen me constantly moan about the way my skin has been the past couple of years then where have you been? I don't know what happened but ever since I left college and began adult life, my skin has been an absolute nightmare. Two years ago I suffered with really bad eczema around my mouth and it took almost a year to get it cleared up. I used various products and steroid creams that the Dr prescribed but nothing seemed to shift it and most of the time it made it flair up even more. I also had really bad pimples all over my chin, which were disgusting and was a really low point for me. I'd stare at myself in my magnified mirror and pop them all, making the situation 100 times worse but hey, nothin' like squeezing a spot is there?!

For me, having beautiful skin is a huge confidence booster. I would love not to wear make up and add only a little bronzer, eyebrow gel and maybe a touch of highlight for work but at the moment I'm still getting small bumps, particularly on the right hand side of my face which is a little weird. I've managed to control it a lot and I think the key to that is drinking more water, removing make up and allowing your skin to breathe. I'm forever trying out different products in hopes that one day I find the one but there are so many factors that count towards healthy, glowing, spot-free skin. So here are my favourite skincare products at the moment, tried and tested by moi.

Garnier rose water toner

Every morning before applying my make up and every evening before showering to remove my make up. I love this stuff. It makes my face feel so clean and I love the smell of it. Plus, I think it's half price at the moment too!

Mario Badescu facial spray

Again, I use this product morning and night. Before applying my make up for the day but after using the Garnier rose water toner and again in the evening after my shower. I'm on my 2nd bottle which I bought in Liberty's back in December, it lasts a long time and is so refreshing! You can also use it after applying make up too to help set it.

Nuxe lip balm

This goes everywhere and anywhere with me. Honestly, I don't think I'd have been able to survive without this stuff the past year or so. It has been a god send! Where I work has dried my skin out massively, which I think started my eczema off. It's only a small tub but it lasts forever, you only need the smallest amount on your finger and it seems to last most of the day.

Bio oil

You're probably wondering why this is on the list but I swear by this little bottle. I apply it every now and again, maybe three times a week to my face. I have a few scares from spots I have picked, squeezed, play with... all the things you do with spots you shouldn't and this bio oil has helped reduce the scaring on my face by a hell of a lot. I love it and this is another products that smells bloody divine!

Body Shop tea tree facial wash

My friend bought me this for my birthday and I've only recently started using it in the shower after scrubbing with my St Ives. I love the smell of tea tree although I know many people don't like the smell. To me, it screams clean and I love the tingling sensation I get on my cheeks when I rub it in but just be careful not to get it in your eye because trust me it stings.

St Ives pink lemon and mandarin orange scrub

I have tried every single St Ives scrub and although I love every one in a different way, the pink lemon and mandarin one is a firm favourite. It has the right amount of grittiness to it, so it's a little more gentle than the apricot scrub (although I do like to use this one every now and again when I feel as though my skin needs an extra cleanse) and the smell is be-au-tiful! I use this almost every day as it's perfect for daily use.

This Week


Hey there! How are ya? Thought I'd check in here seeing as though it's been a short while. Not long now until we go away, well 9 days but still.. I have so much to do but I don't think I have everything yet. I've been prepping myself so I've been on the sun beds twice already and I think I will go another two times before we fly on Friday evening. My brother is currently lying on our sofa, he can't walk from an injury at football so I will drive him home soon and take him to the doctor's tomorrow.. Josh has only just recovered from his injury that happened at football this weekend too! I don't think they were built for that sport, maybe they should take up boules or something, haha! Last night we watched 'me before you' and it was brilliant. I haven't watched a good tear jerker like that one for a while and now I want to see the sequel to it, 'after you' but it isn't on Netflix yet 🙁 The plan for tomorrow is to focus on our design's for Meesoon and get the ball rolling for that and then pack a suitcase, gym, snack, you know, the usual! Speak again soon, L.



What I'm wearing...

Denim jacket by Missguided from ASOS

Slogan Tee by Miss Selfridge from ASOS

Sunnies from Zara

(Contemplating getting my hair a little shorter...)





We spent the afternoon at the Lakes Aquarium at Newby Bridge. It's a little pricey for what there is to see but I feel it's good to support local attractions. My favourite was seeing two otter's, Ollie and Lucy! They're seriously cute. We went out the other evening looking for them in the wild at the iron bridge where we live, as apparently there have been sighting's of them but unfortunately had no luck seeing them. There were also huge Sturgeon and Pike too, which pass over your head in a tunnel and stingrays, although I was a little disappointed you're no longer allowed to touch them, I used to love doing that as a kid! Then we grabbed some lunch at Homeground! We thought we would try again as my last attempt was pretty poor, I was seriously hungover and couldn't even touch my eggs benedict 🙁 I remember running to the toilet and having to pull myself together in order to hold my sick in and not embarrass myself... bad times! This time Josh chose the eggs benny and I went for the Homeground sarnie - which is bloody delicious! I was a little sceptical on the smash avo as I'd never really had it before but I completely understand all the hype around smash avocado now and I'm going to be making my own with my famous poached eggs 😉 The wait was a little long and my stomach was starting to grumble but totally worth the wait, especially for their hash browns! Hashbrown's are just the best aren't they? Anyway, I think I've rambled on enough and I'm ready for a lie down. Speak again soon, L.




Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's been almost a week since I last checked in here! The day's are whizzing by lately! This weekend has been busy, I ran my first 3k yesterday (not that far but I could never have ran that before without stopping), helped my mum cooking for a party of 11 which was fun and hopefully I pick up some cooking skills along the way. I've started getting thing's together for our trip away and I'm going to film a 'packing for Romania' video because I really want to get back into it again. We have plans to visit Therme and do lots of walking, the weather should be pretty warm which I'm looking forward to! I've been getting myself prepared by having a few sun bed sessions, although I'm not seeing much difference yet. Today, well I guess we are going to go for a little stroll somewhere but nothing too big as Josh has a dead leg from football and can barely walk, which sucks because I really wanted to tackle a mountain this weekend. So typical, when I want to do something he can't 🙁 I've seen a cave near Little Langdale that I'd like to go to but just depends how tough it is to get to because I obviously have to deal with Mr Hopalong today.. haha! Anyway, have a lovely Sunday, I will check in again later. L <3



What I'm wearing...

Jacket by Missguided from ASOS, here.

Bralet from Marks and Spencer, here.

Belt from ASOS, here.

Mini skirt from Missguided last year, similar here.


Good morning! Happy Monday to you all 🙂 I thought I'd share with you a little outfit I'm thinking of packing for our trip to Bucharest in less than 3 weeks! The weather is supposed to be around 20-25 degrees and I'm very much looking forward to being able to wear shorts and skirts, oh and finger's crossed I build up some kind of tan! I got the bralet from M&S yesterday and think it's going to work so well with a pair of high waisted wide leg trousers but I also think it looks pretty cool worn with double denim, what do you think? I've also been on the hunt for a denim jacket and I took the plunge with this one, which I'm pretty pleased about as there are so many different styles on the market but it had to be oversized and the right shade of denim. I always kick myself for selling my Levi denim jacket because that was just perfect. Finish this look off with a pair of white trainers, a reddy/orange lip to compliment my nail varnish and of course a cool pair of sunnies! I'll probably share with you some more of my outfit ideas before jetting off, have a good day! Love, L.