Hey loves, how's your day been? We made chocolate chip cookies this afternoon, had cheese and biscuits and I ended up napping for an hour or two. We then decided to go for another walk because the weather was so beautiful and dragged my mum and gran along with us too! We walked for a good 2/3 miles, came home for a quick glass of red wine to warm ourselves up and Josh and I went out sledging before the sun set. It was so nice! I felt like a child again sliding down the hill behind our flat, rolling in the fresh snow. I don't even remember the last time there was this much snow or the last time I went sledging come to think of it. The sun set and we laid in the field looking up at the stars for a couple of minutes, before my bum started to feel a little numb from the cold haha! Now, I've showered and we are having steak, homemade chips, roasted cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and fried onions for dinner and I'm so hungry for it! 😉 Lots of love, L.