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Merry Christmas folks! Christmas just comes and goes doesn't it? I love the festive period but I'm quite glad it's all over. I cannot stomach anymore food or wine... or gin for that matter. I'm thinking of going sober from January 2nd until April 9th, I think I will feel so much better and focused! Although, we do have a couple of shindig's organised next month so I'm not sure I can just be driver for all of them but we will see! I'm currently browsing through the Zara sale and although I have zero money to my name, there are a few bits in there that would be perfect for holiday. Ugh, I cannot wait for pay day! I definitely over spent this Christmas and there is nothing to show for it! It's so frustrating. Money literally goes nowhere. I've been a little MIA over social media for the past week because I wanted to make the most of Christmas with my family. If I'm being deadly honest, I did not miss it one bit. I guess waking up to eat and sip some wine to then fall back to sleep doesn't leave you with much time to mess about on your phone but I truly enjoyed this Christmas. It was quiet, it was warm and cosy, happy and just everything that Christmas should be about. I got 3 presents, probably the least I have ever received but they were all awesome presents and stuff so practical for me. Now, I would say that I feel well rested but that would be a lie, in fact I've never felt so lethargic in all my life! I'm actually excited to get back to work and into some sort of routine. But first, we must celebrate the new year and for that we will be spending NYD in Kirkby Lonsdale with close friends and family. Perfect! Wishing you a very happy, healthy, fulfilling and inspiring new year. Lots of love, L.