Swimming In The Rain

Hey loves! Today has been out last full day here in Thailand! I’m so sad to be leaving tomorrow afternoon, I could totally pack up and leave the UK in a heartbeat. Today Josh and I went to speak to an estate agent about the options we have of buying property out here. Having dual nationality, I am able to buy as a Thai citizen, so that means I can buy at a reduced rate. We went to see a project that had just begun here in Patong. They are ‘pods’ being built on the hillside, with a 180 degree seaview. The pods are like individual tree houses, 1 bedroom, small kitchen and a large living area! They are really modern and a superb location too! So, so nice and we could buy one for about Ā£109,000! In England, you can barely get a two bedroom flat! It’s a thought anyway… I should perhaps start playing the lottery when we return and fingers crossed we can move out here, haha! Later, we were stuck in a bit of a thunder storm and decided a dip in the sea would be a cool experience and that it was! Loved it! Apart from being stung by a jelly fish… that wasn’t fun! Tonight we watched the sunset on the rooftop and then we all went for a massage at Ananta on Nanai Road in Patong, I had a milk massage which was just soooooooo good! I was nearly asleep! Tomorrow I plan on making the most of our half day before we have to get our taxi to the airport. Speak again tomorrow, L.

Koh Similan

Good afternoon loves! I’m just on my way back to Patong after a day trip to the Similan Islands! We had a bumpy ride out to sea this morning and even encountered a bit of rain on the way to Similan. It was a little scary as the waves were pretty big but we got there and the sun finally came out! I first visited Similan about 4 years ago and it seems to have changed a lot with the amount of tourists that are there which really ruined it for me. It’s a shame that they don’t limit the amount of people who go on these tours šŸ™ It’s the same with Maya Bay and other famous places! I guess that’s why we never got to see any turtles in their natural habitat because it’s just far too busy! Besides from that, it’s been a great day and I would recommend it for anyone who has never been before! Tonight, we’re treating ourselves to a Pizza Company after a long tiring day and taking it easy tomorrow. Talk later, L. 


Hey my loves! What a romantic 2 days I’ve just had in Koh Phi Phi. Although I was a little sad to be leaving, the long tail boat journey back to Tonsai Pier made it all the more magical. The sun was shining and the sea was turquoise blue, the birds were singing and the sound of the waves and cicadas in the trees makes this place the ultimate paradise. I don’t think I’ll ever find anywhere as beautiful as here, so thank you Phi Phi Island Village Resort for making our short stay a truly unforgettable one. Tonight, Josh and I popped out for tea at a friends who has her own restaurant and now we are tucked up in bed ready for our excursion to Koh Similan tomorrow, Im really hoping we get to see some turtles in their natural habitat! Keep your fingers crossed for me! We have to be up at 5am so I’m going to sleep now! Enjoy the rest of your day and I will speak to you again tomorrow! L. (ps. Phi Phi vlog coming soon!)

Island Life

Sawasdee Ka! That’s hello in Thai! How’re you? I’ve had such a lovely day and evening with my love! This resort is so relaxing I can’t even describe how it makes me feel! Today we did a lot of swimming and sunbathing and tonight we had a buffet dinner at the API restaurant after watching a live band in the bar. Love, love, love the atmosphere here, everybody is so happy and smiley! I understand why Thailand is the land of smiles, it’s so true! We also came across some guys from ‘Ex On The Beach’ and an influencer/model from Sweden that I follow on Instagram! So strange seeing them here especially as they’ve done some work in Kendal (near where I live)! Now, I think we’re going to put a film on and get some kip soon as we return back to Patong tomorrow and I want to be up early to make the most of it! Speak again soon my loves, L.

Koh Phi Phi

Hey loves! Today we arrived at our resort in Koh Phi Phi and it has to be the most beautiful and romantic place I’ve ever been/stayed! Everything here is just so magical, the sand is so soft, the sea so blue, the staff are so friendly and everything is just like a dream! It’s how we both imagined Hawaii to be, haha! We didn’t get checked in to our room until about 1:30pm today and after that we did a bit of swimming in the sea and then later in the pool. Josh decided we’d have tea at the bar and grill, one of several restaurants on the resort. It was good, expensive but tasty! We both had pasta and shared a bottle of red. It went down well! Once we had finished dinner we walked along the beach and chased a few hermit crabs along the way! There were lots of frogs about too which must’ve come out because of the rain and thunder we had earlier on. It was really difficult navigating our way back to our room. The paths aren’t that well lit and it’s a little confusing walking through all the gardens because all the bungalows look the same! Now, we are watching some Nat Geo on the tele and I’m going to get some beauty sleep as I want to be up early for breakfast! Speak again soon, L.

Today Was Hot!


Hey there! How has your Sunday been? It’s midnight here in Thailand.. I should be asleep but I’ve just got in and packed our bags ready for Phi Phi tomorrow morning! We’re getting picked up at 7am so I’ve had to get everything ready now because I know I will struggle to wake up in the morning! Today has been so so hot, I think I got a little sun stroke. I have had a headache all night! We did a bit of paddle boarding today which was so much fun but non of us managed to stand up for very long. I got corn rows tonight too! A little weird at first but they’re growing on me and my hair will be so much easier to manage after swimming in the sea! Anyway, I best get some beauty sleep! Speak again in a few days time, L.

I Started YouTube!

Hey babes! I finally had time to put together my first vlog! I wish I had filmed more along the way but as it’s my first time, I forgive myself so I hope you do too! I was so nervous surprising my brother, I had butterflies in my stomach! So happy we managed to keep it a surprise – thanks to everyone who kept it a secret. My next vlog will be two nights in Koh Phi Phi, can’t wait to film and edit that! Hope you enjoyed this one. Please subscribe and give it a thumbs up if you like it! Hugs, L.

I Never Want To Leaveļ»æ

Can I just stay forever? If I could, I most definitely would! Just need to learn Thai! I’ve put together my first vlog which just seems to take forever to upload.. but it is coming and it features us surprising Alex in Bangkok! Josh and I have planned 2 nights away in Koh Phi Phi on Monday at a luxury 5* resort on the north east side of the island. I’m thinking of perhaps vlogging that too, what do you think? If anyone who has been knows of any great sunset/sunrise points, I would love to know, leave me a comment!  Last night I had Passeu (not sure if that’s how it’s spelt) which is the stir fried noodles at the top with vegetables and chicken – really delicious! Then later we walked along Patong front and had drinks at our ‘local’, The Quenchers on Nanai Road. If you are ever in Phuket, stop by for the prawn salad – delicious! It’s already 31 degrees here today and it’s only 10:30am! I’ve oiled myself up and I’m going to relax by the pool before going for some food. We have nothing planned, just a relaxing one! Maybe we’ll go and explore the island a little more on our motorbike! Speak again soon and let me know if you want me to vlog my Phi Phi trip! L. 

Beach Day

Hello there! Another glorious day here in Phuket. I love the sunshine! It makes me feel so so good. Josh and I started the morning with a swim in the pool and waited for everyone else to get out of bed. We then went to a little spot for chicken rice and it was yummy although I couldn’t eat it all, I think my stomach has surprisingly shrunk! Then we motorbiked to Nai Harn again, stopping off at Kata Noi view point. There were lots of jelly fish in the sea today, thankfully non of us were stung! Now we are going to have a wander along Patong front and I think book 2 nights in Koh Phi Phi as a little holiday treat and a day trip to Koh Similan with Dad and Alex! Can’t wait! Speak again soon, L.


Hey loves, sorry I haven’t posted for a few days! I’ve been enjoying sunbathing and swimming so we haven’t done too much exciting! I had a good old pamper day on Monday, I had a facial and got rid of all my black heads. It felt so good but I started crying when she was removing the black heads from my nose! So, so painful! I got a hair cut and had about 2 inches off, it feels so much lighter and much more manageable in this heat! Then later Josh and I went for a full body milk massage to help with our sun burns. Love massages and they are so cheap out here too, wish I could get them at home more often! Today looks a good day, not sure what the plan is but I know it will involve tanning and eating delicious food! I think we will book an excursion or a few nights in Koh Phi Phi? I don’t know! Speak again tomorrow, L.

Nai Harn

Hello loves! Today we relaxed and spent some time at the beach. I have started to tan and my shoulders are a little red, ouch! We flew the drone so here are some pictures from that! This is my favourite beach in Phuket. It’s usually one of the quieter ones and the cleanest, compared to Patong beach and Kata beach which are usually quite polluted with litter. Totally unacceptable, I don’t know why some people are so dirty! It’s 8:30pm here and we’ve just been for food, I had fish and chips because I always crave English food when I’m here but it’s so bad of me! Josh couldn’t eat because he has a bad stomach and now he’s asleep, bless him! He’s still going to manage to watch the Utd match though at a bar down the road but that doesn’t start for a few hours. I’m going to go with them too and see some old friends and then tomorrow some friends from England are in Patong for two nights so I’ll get to see them! Yay! A night out on Bangla road, not sure how that will end! Oh and there’s a picture of tonight’s outfit! Love wide leg trousers, these ones are from Zara.. of course! Speak again soon, L.Ā 

Saying Goodbye

Hey loves! I just had to say goodbye to my family this morning. I’m going to miss them so much, especially my Nephew, Ja. I get that sicky feeling in my stomach that makes me want to be sick and cry at the same time. I wish I didn’t have to leave it so long until I see them again because so much can happen in a year but I’m definitely going to return again next year. I plan on learning Thai as soon as I get home! Yesterday we were blessed by all the locals who tied pieces of string around our wrists and wished us a safe journey and good luck. We have to wait for the pieces of string to come off naturally, which would mean all the bad spirits have left our bodies. Now, we are on our way to the airport to fly to Phuket for sea, sand and sun! Speak again soon, L.