12th May, an early morning view of Bucharest from Sam's apartment we stopped in during our first nights stay. Even though this trip had been booked months back, I still didn't know what to expect. Every time I told someone where we were going it was the same response, 'oh the poverty is so bad over there', 'be careful you don't get pick pocketed' etc. Strangely enough I didn't do any research on Bucharest because Sam and Lena had planned a week jam packed of stuff to see and do, I didn't have to lift a finger (just when I had to eat which was almost every hour of every single day!). We had breakfast cooked for us after a little lie in and then packed the car ready for a 4 day road trip! I was so excited but before setting off we stopped at their local coffee shop for what they called 'the best coffee' in town but for me, a hot chocolate as I'm not a coffee lover, even though I so wish I was.






Peles Castle

First stop, Peles Castle. About a 2 hour drive from Bucharest this beautiful castle sits nestled in the Carpathian mountains. It was a massive tourist attraction, in fact it was pretty tough to get a decent photo without somebody photobombing it! Too many people for my liking.. After a quick walk around the grounds we then spotted a cable car which led straight to the top of the Carpathian mountains so that's where we spent most of the afternoon, gazing down at the miniature village of Sinai from 2000ft above, eating BBQ'd pork and crackling dipped in mustard which was just bloody delicious, sorry no pics, we ate it too fast ;-).














From Sinai we jumped back in our little rental and made our way to Brasov, where we ate amazing traditional Romanian food, tried my first Matcha latte (which was revolting) from Starbucks, walked around the cobbled streets and then finally ended up at this little stall that sold 'kürtőskalács', I totally forgot the name but I've just found it on google and this is what it seems to be called. If you see a stall selling these, try them. They're delicious!



After another short ride and a real good kip, I woke up to this beautiful sunset in Sighisoara. This was where we spent our first night, in the most quaint little guest house. Sam and Lena had found this little gem on their last trip back in September and I'm so glad they did! It features a 500 year old cellar in which the family produce around 5 different liquors. Of course we got to try them all as well as hearing about the history of the cellar and the awards that the liquor has won. That evening we walked around the town, visiting 'Dracula's' house where it's believed he was born back in the 1400's and sampled the local beer and wine at a cosy restaurant.

What I wore...

Top from ASOS

Shorts are old from Levi's

Vans from ASOS

Mango rucksack from ASOS

So happy to be saying goodbye to England and the dodgy weather for a week. Fingers crossed it’s nice in Bucharest! We ended up being over on our check in baggage which is so typical! We literally have a suitcase full of shoes and trainers and had to have a shuffle around on the airport floor or pay an extra £30! Then I ended up paying £17 for two gin and tonics, man I feel so ripped off! 🙁 Now we are ready for take off, so I will catch you tomorrow in Romania! Love, L.


Some of you may have seen some photos from yesterday's photoshoot over on my Instagram stories. I feel so weird saying 'photoshoot' because in no means am I a model but I was asked, along with 4 other gorgeous girlies to shoot a collection for Sophie's final project at London College of Fashion. Amazing right?! Not only that but we found out she also helped towards designing Michelle Keegan's last collection for Very and has bagged herself a job at Very after Uni is all over and done with. She's seriously incredible and I'm so thankful she asked ME of all people to model her collection! We were able to use the Old Dungeon Gyhll bar area to get ready which was a god send. It's a good job Soph didn't get make up and hair stylists because we got drenched but it totally made the look. We had an amazing photographer, Becky who I've worked with before for a collection Soph did years ago, during her first year at uni and even though I didn't like how I looked she really made me feel confident in front of the camera which is pretty difficult. The gang we had was such a good group and even though it rained and it poured and our tummy's were grumbling, we battled on and everyone was so optimistic. I really feel inspired meeting these girls, it was like a breath of fresh air. I cannot wait to see the final photos and of course I will share them here with you all too.

Tonight, we are getting sorted for our holiday. I know I have said this for the past 3 weeks but I haven't actually managed to start packing yet so I'm going to start tonight (probably) haha! Then I have one day left of work and then I'm on holiday!! I literally cannot wait. So excited to get away for a week and relax, eat good food and visit a new place with amazing friends and of course my love. Speak to you again maybe tomorrow. Love, L.


Ps. I hate my face at the moment - my skin is horrendous & no I don't have chicken pox.

A night out in Leeds would not be complete without a couple of drunk selfies with the Polaroid, am I right? Seriously, this camera lives in my handbag and although its fairly bulky I can't imagine not having it with me to capture these special moments... like doing shots at 11pm, whilst slut dropping to some old school RnB.. proud moment. I still think I'm recovering from the weekend if I'm honest 😉 I'm just not made for it anymore! In fact, was I ever? I'm currently looking forward to seeing all of the girls in a couple of weeks time, except Amy who's currently sunning herself in Thailand.. not jealous in the slightest! Life at the moment is mediocre, I'm neither here nor there. Still got a burning desire in my stomach to create something magical but we're working on that, so as time slowly ticks on by I'm going to carry on updating you with my boring life, what I ate for tea (spaghetti bolognese for those who want to know), what I did in the gym and what I did on the weekend and I still believe that my time will come and I'm going to be where I want to be eventually. Now I'm not even sure what the hell I am rambling on about so I'm going to love you and leave you. Speak soon loves, L.


Rent the van, here.


This VW was our home last week! How do you like it? I have the bug now for road trips and adventures and I'd love to one day buy my own and kit it out with all sorts of little cupboards and cute cushions with matching curtains. I once saw an episode of George Clarke's amazing spaces, where a woman had done up and old double decker bus and it was literally amazing! It even had it's own little log burner and roll top bath! How 'bout that! This little camper can sleep four, two in a 3/4 bed and 2 above when the roof pops up! Pretty cosy, right? We cooked bacon, sausages, steak, fried eggs, etc. all in the little van because February isn't the warmest of months. There is an awning that also opens out which would be perfect for cooking underneath but you would have to take an extra gas cooker and a picnic table, something I thought we could've done with during our trip. We also both decided we need to treat ourselves to a pair of Crocs! I never thought I'd buy a pair of those ugly things but I hated walking in the shower rooms, all I could think of was verrucas and the thought of other peoples hair made me feel squeamish, so a pair of those for the shower would be perfect. Big thanks to Christian for letting us borrow the camper van for the week, you can find the link to his website above! Lots of love, L.


Very unhappy we misread the map and walked straight up Kirk Fell, my legs were on fire!


"Did we really just come down the face of that?", yep we did!


Ennerdale Forest

Hey loves! Today has been the most beautiful day and I've been stuck indoor's working all day. How's your weekend going? I've just eaten my dinner and now I'm about ready for a shower and bed. I've just watched the new 'Take Me Out', with girls coming down the lift instead of the men, I think I like it this way around better. Here are a few more photos I have to share with you from last week 🙂 On Tuesday we tried to hike to Pillar Rock, a place I've wanted to go for some years but never had the chance or the gear until now. It's a sentimental place to me and my family as it was where my Grandad, Mick fell and sadly lost his life back in June 1965. Josh and I unfortunately took a wrong turn so ended up getting to a point nearby a little late in the day and as there was still quite a lot of snow and ice and no real path along the mountain side towards Pillar Rock, we decided to head back down Black Sail Pass and call it a day. I felt a little emotional, mainly because it was something I had wanted to do for so long but Josh reassured me we would return in the Summer and we would do it again without risking our own lives, so I'm looking forward to returning to Wasdale when there is less snow 🙂


Hello there! How are ya? I'm very very excited! We just booked our summer holiday to Santorini and I literally cannot believe we are going to be there this Summer, it's going to be a dream! Santorini has been top of my bucket list of places to see so if anyone is reading who knows of any beautiful places to see, eat, drink, swim etc. etc. then please do send me a message or leave a comment below because you know how much I love to plan a trip, haha! Anyway, back to our most recent holiday to Wasdale, the wettest place in Britain.. (slight contrast to the likes of Santorini but very beautiful nonetheless). On Monday we had planned on hiking up to Pillar Rock but after a bit of a lie in and a blinking good bacon and egg butty, we decided there wasn't enough time so we settled for a yomp up to Burnmoor Tarn, following the old coffin route over to Eskdale. It was a pretty murky day and it was very boggy but it was nice to spend some quality time together! We made a packed lunch and sat by the tarn which was a little spooky actually as there was just no-one around at all, had a fly of the drone and walked up to some pretty waterfalls too before heading back down for steak and a bottle of red wine, perfect! Tonight, I think I'm going to go for a run and a light gym session seeing as though we've booked our holiday haha! 😉 Speak again soon, L.


Good morning loves! It feels so good waking up to blue skies, sunshine and frost! I feel good today and even better that the weather is this beautiful so we're going to make the most of it and head out for lunch and a little walk around Elterwater! I thought I'd share with you some more pictures from our trip away earlier this week from my favourite place in the Lake District, Wasdale. It's not often we get to venture all the way up there as it's quite a drive and often a place we'll only go during the summer months when the weather is a lot better. It was actually quite breathtaking approaching Wastwater, with the pyramid like mountains covered in mist. A very different atmosphere from what I'm used to seeing, that's for sure! We stayed at the National Trust campsite, a mile away from the Wasdale Head Inn which was a fair walk back in the dark and the rain after a few G&T's 😉 but still fun nonetheless. Kind of miss being disconnected from everything up there, it's like another world and really the best place to unwind and forget everything going on. Can't wait to go back already! Have a good day, hugs L.

  • Duvets x 2
  • Sleeping bags
  • Pillows
  • Hot water bottle
  • Thermos flask
  • Cutlery/Plates etc.
  • Wet wipes and hand sanitiser
  • Swimming costume
  • Laptop with a few films downloaded
  • Sketchbook
  • A selection of cheeses
  • Tea lights
  • Fairly lights
  • Marshmallows and wooden skewers
  • Bottle of fizz to watch the sunset and to sip under the stars
  • Walking boots and all the gear for a hike
  • Road map and mountain/walking map
  • Go pro, drone, polaroid and my camera - I am vlogging this trip, stay tuned!
  • A good book. I've just ordered 'Milk and Honey' by Rupi Kaur and 'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Green.
  • Thermals
  • Several pairs of shoes
  • Toiletries and plenty of loo roll


Why, hello there loves! How are ya? Did you notice I haven't been blogging here for a little while? Ah, I lost inspiration and I lacked so much motivation in everything last week but I finally feel more like myself which is great because I really did feel so down and sad 🙁 not like me at all! In a few days time we will be hitting the road so I've started buying a few bits and bobs for that and I've also put together a bit of a checklist to make sure we don't forget anything. I'm not going to tell you all the food we will be taking because it's about the length of my arm so.. here is my little check list 🙂 Lots of love, L.

Hey guys! I can’t believe it’s already Christmas Eve Eve! Wow, it’s totally flown by! I’m very excited 🙂 Christmas has fallen on a good day for me, which means 4 days off work as it’s my weekend off! So, today we met up with some friends and ventured out in the mist and the rain to Rydal Caves and walked in to Grasmere for some of the most amazing Gingerbread and then we stopped off for a late lunch at a pub which was lovely, although my choice of pizza wasn’t great but I guess nothing compares now to our own homemade pizzas now! We met Lena from Romania which is one of Josh’s friends girlfriend and this was her first time here in the Lakes so it was nice to get to know her and show her around! She works for Ethiad as a air hostess and I am so jealous because that was always a dream job of mine to work as an air hostess for Emirates! Anyway, we are chilling out tonight, watching football and snuggling up on the sofa so I will speak to you again tomorrow! Have a lovely evening, L.

Before heading to London I treated myself to the Instax mini camera 🙂 I am so disappointed in myself as this was the only photo I got using it 😫 it was so cold and busy that I didn’t think about taking many photos during my time there. This one was taken at Winter Wonderland on Saturday! I didn’t really know what to expect but it was unreal! We ate lots of really unhealthy food and drank wine in the comfort and warmth of Thor’s tipee! I really wish I had saved myself for the Swedish meatballs and mash that they were serving just outside there though, gutted! Unfortunately we didn’t go on any rides, I’m not as brave as I once used to be when I was a teenager! I think next time we visit London it needs to be for longer than two nights because there is so much to see and do but it’s exhausting walking around so much that all I wanted to do after 8pm was go to bed, haha! L.


Early Friday morning we made our way to the station to catch our train to Euston. We woke up to so much snow! We almost missed our train because the traffic was going so slow.



Shopping day on Regent Street and Oxford Street I got my ‘rook’ pierced at Topshop, it hurt a lot! I will try and get a picture and post it sometime 🙂 



Ever seen those videos on Facebook of people cooking pasta in a huge bowl of cheese? Well that right there was cooked in a huge bowl made from cheese and it was so delicious! My choice of topping was brie and truffle oil, so good! This was at Camden, my favourite place in London. I remember visiting here the first time with my college friends and I fell in love.


Selfie in the toilets at Big Easy in Covent Garden. Will do a separate post on dinner there!


City by night.


My love and my dream handbag! Love the grey and blue, maybe one day! 😉


My favourite building in London! So perfect.


And we are home from a lovely weekend in London! I am so tired from all the walking and eating we’ve done. I need a serious detox now! I didn’t actually get to take many pictures because we were so busy and I just didn’t want to keep reaching in to my handbag all the time for my camera. Friday and Saturday were freezing! It was nice to have blue skies but having to wrap up and jump on and off tubes was a bit of a nightmare. Then, Sunday we woke up to snow! I couldn’t believe it! That was a bit of a pain though as we spent the afternoon in Camden so it was a struggle eating outside in the wet sludge 🙁 but never mind, I still loved it nonetheless. We stayed in Balham at our friend’s house and every night we walked home we saw a fox! It was so weird seeing them wondering the streets scavenging food, it’s sad really 🙁 human’s take over everything.


Love, L.