We Speak More Than Ever




I don't live with my parents so usually when we are at home I don't see them or speak to them very often. Now that they are in Thailand I think I've spoken more to my brother than I have done all year, haha! I like that the two of us are close, even though he annoys the hell out of me most of the time. We Facetimed around an hour ago and they were on Khao San Road eating Pad Thai, one of my favourite dishes to eat whilst I'm out there because quite frankly, nowhere does it better than those street vendors. Although, Wagamama's does a pretty delicious one but it's still just not the same. One thing I'd recommend to do in Thailand if anything at all is to eat the street food and eat as the locals would. We never eat in restaurants unless we fancy a McDonald's or another fast food chain, however that's something I'm trying to steer away from this year. Most of the time we buy our food from the local markets and it doesn't cost very much at all, in fact you could eat a pretty decent meal for around 150 baht, that's about £3, amazing right?! Anyway, enough on Thailand because I feel like I'm turning green with envy... Today I had an early finish and since then I've pretty much done naff all so I'm going to get off my bottom and gym for an hour, then tonight all I want to do is have a bath and relax because the clocks go forward tonight which means one less hour in bed 🙁 Love, L.


Date Night at Home


Throwback to our trip to London in December 🙂

I thought I'd come over and check in with you guys. Josh is still working so I'm sat watching Emmerdale, haha! We have the house to ourselves tonight so I'm going to cook tea for the two of us. It feels like so long ago since we enjoyed an evening together, just the two of us. I bought an M&S dine in because I've been working all day and it's easy to just throw in the oven, plus it's always so tasty! I thought I'd write a little list and I saw this one over on www.emitaz.com and thought I'd answer them too! So, here goes...


1. Last thing you bought?

Some fruit cider because we are both loving drinking that at the moment.

2. What you usually get compliments for?

My smile and my hair.

3. Name of your first pet?

She was called Susie and she was a grey cat 🙂

4. What do you like to eat when you’re feeling down?

Something warm and stodgy, like cheesy mash potato or grilled cheese and tomatoes on toast! Mmm...

5. Whats the plans for this summer?

To kick the Summer off we are heading to Greece for a week which I am SO excited for. Other than that we don't have anything else planned but I guess it will just involve lots of walking, wild camping and exploring a bit more of the Lake District.

6. What is the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

Umm, my mum has probably fed me all sorts over the years but I tried some fried insects once in Thailand and I would probably eat them again.

7. What does your morning routine look like?

Wake up around 7/7:30, check my phone, brush my teeth and wash my face, gym for an hour, have breakfast and then have a Thai lesson for an hour.

8. Your favourite tv serie?

Definitely Power! Can't wait to have it back on my screen.

9. Something that your thankful for?

I'm very thankful for my health and having my close family around me.

10. Best feeling?

That feeling of success, that you've achieved something really great. And being able to share it with your loved ones.

11. What does it say in your last recieved text?

"He can't come after Monday" - Josh.

12. Something you miss at the moment?

My family in Thailand, as always. I facetimed my Mum and Thai Granny the other morning and I just want to give her a squeeze.

13. What do you like to do when you have free time?

Blog, eat, gym, go hiking and take photographs.

14. What did you want to work with when you were younger?

I always wanted to be an air hostess and I did apply for Emirates a few years ago but couldn't because of my tattoos 🙁 now I think I'd love to be an interior designer or just have my own design business.

15. Name 4 jobs you’ve had:

Waitress, barmaid, florist and an apprentice in pattern cutting.

16. What are you going to do after this list?

Probably light the oven ready for dinner and pour myself a glass of red wine.



My little (big) brother, Alex. 


Morning! I've just got back from the dentist and dropping my dad and brother off at the station. It's that time of year again, where they go to Thailand for a month. Ah, I remember this time last year I had to hold it in that we were actually going to be joining them, haha! But this time, we won't be and it was hard to hold my emotions in as I waved them goodbye at the station. I hate goodbyes, I've never been good at them. I get this huge lump in my throat and my eyes fill up with tears but thankfully I didn't embarrass myself this time and instead I shed a little one in the car... on my own! What is wrong with me?! Anyway, my appointment at the dentist went smoothly and I really enjoy seeing my dentist because we always have a good chat, once she's finished prodding around my mouth. Today I'm working on a project Josh and myself have set for the year but more on that soon! I'm catching up with Made in Chelsea with a cup of lemon, ginger and honey tea which I think has been my absolute saviour over the Winter, along with covering my nose and chest with Vicks before bed. And *touch wood* still haven't had a cold yet! Speak soon, L.

Getting Sorted


Well, my wish of Spring arriving sooner rather than later never happened and it's still snowing outside.. We had to cancel our plans last night as all roads leading in and out of Sedbergh were too dangerous so we had to stay home and cook for ourselves, even though we were so looking forward to meeting our friends and having some good pub food. I had planned on visiting 'The Little Ice Cream Shop' in Hawkshead today and going for a bit of a drive around the Lakes in our new car but obviously because of the weather that didn't happen so we decided to get sorted with our finances, get some bills paid, etc. etc. You know, all the boring stuff we always put aside! But I'm glad we've done it now because I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders! We have a year left of paying the flat off, so around this time next year we will *hopefully* be looking at buying our own house which I am SO looking forward to but it just seems like a lifetime away! I can't wait to have a bit more independence, although I'm not sure how well I will cope with all the cooking, cleaning and ironing, haha! Speak again soon, L.

Tuesday List


Hey loves! How are you? Today is glorious and I feel so good lately even though I think I could've done with a couple more hours in bed this morning. I had another lesson with Angela this morning which I think is around my 10th lesson and I still feel like it's not going into my brain, agh! Mum went to Thailand on Saturday to spend some time with my Thai granny (her mum), Sangwan so that's why I'm sharing two photos from our trip to Bangkok last year. I miss it so much! Hopefully one day we have enough money to have a holiday home out there or even just go out there to live forever.. haha! Can't believe how fast it has come around, it only feels like yesterday when we flew out there to surprise my brother. You can rewatch the vlog from that here, but beware it's very cringy and I can't believe how I awful I look! 🙁 love, L.

How are you feeling today?

Happy, cosy and determined I guess.


Best thing to happen this week?

Well, it's still kind of early in the week... but I'm still super excited to wake up and see my new car outside, haha! I think it's going to take some time for the excitement to wear off!


What are you looking forward to?

Feeling very excited to visit Romania in 59 days and stay with two friends and Greece in 107 days which I am so keen for because I need some sunshine! But I'm also going to see my best friend in Leeds for the weekend at the end of the month so I'm looking forward to seeing her too and her new home!


Any plans for the weekend?

We have plans to have food and drinks for Josh's friends birthday on Saturday night and then not sure what Sunday will look like! Maybe I will vlog because I failed with last months attempt, oops.


New Car


Hey! Bit of a late one here but it's been a short while so here I am. Feeling uninspired with my blog at the moment, what I'm wearing and I've felt as though I've been too busy to come say hi, so hey! Today has been a good day 🙂 We got our new car yesterday evening after having a bit of trouble with my Mini. It's been a long time coming and it's finally packed itself in which is sad times but also very happy times because I get to drive around in this little beauty! I love mean cars and obviously something with a bit of kick really gets me going, haha! We decided to get a 'joint' car so we got something a little nicer than I ever expected - the Golf GTD in Carbon Grey. I've been driving around today and it's so nippy but feels so much bigger than my last car! It feels like a family car! I got myself to the gym at 7:30 this morning, wow, who even am I? I had my Thai lesson in the morning with Angela and learnt time and days of the week, which was a lot harder than I expected actually! And I even managed to get to the swimming pool for an hour before bed 🙂 I feel so good at the moment in myself, not felt like this in a very long time so I hope it lasts! Speak again soon loves, L.

I’ve Been Slacking


A very blurry polaroid from our snow day last Wednesday.


Hey guys! How are you? I haven't posted since last week, I've felt like I haven't had too much to say and life isn't so exciting at the moment but I'm in a very happy and content place at the moment. This weekend we stayed pretty much indoors and decided that exploring the mountains was off the cards after the freezing temperatures we have had here! Every time I post on here , all I seem to talk about is the weather, haha! Very British of me, I apologise. We have our new car ready at the end of the week which I'm obviously very excited about but I'm so sad to be saying goodbye to my first car I've had for 4 whole years! I remember being so excited to be able to go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Driving so fast down country lanes, making pointless journeys over to Kendal for a McDonald's or a trip to Asda just so I could go out driving with my friends. I kind of miss being a carefree teenager! Now, all I seem to do is work and look forward to my next week off. Surely that isn't what life is about? Speak soon, L.



Stickle Tarn, 21.02.18

Evening! I'm already curled up in bed, with the fairy lights on, a hot water bottle and an extra blanket on the bed because I am SO cold. This next week isn't going to be any warmer either with snow and ice expected, agh! Just when I thought Spring was well on it's way... This is my favourite photo from our week, just the two of us together, eating bacon butties and sipping hot chocolate, watching the sun disappear behind the snow capped mountains. Could I really wish for anything more? I feel so lucky. It was nice to just be at peace, away from technology, social media, television, the indoors and really just make the most of what we have around us. I wish I could escape a little more often... What's your perfect escape? L.

This Week


My little snug! Clearly not very impressed I've got him in a headlock.

How are you feeling today?

Like there is not enough time in a day! It's my first day off since Monday and I wanted to get so much done. Even though I was up at 8am I still haven't done everything that was on my checklist! Besides from that, I feel well rested. Last night the three of us (Gran, Josh and I) caught up on Hunted on channel 4 and just had a lovely chilled evening and very yummy Indian food. This last week has been a total blur and very tiring, I'm counting down the days until our week off together!


What are you wearing today?

I am wearing a cream chunky cable knit jumper, black super skinny jeans and my Dr Martens which are not warm enough in this weather! My toes felt like they were about to drop off all day 🙁 Any suggestions?


What are your plans for the day?

Well, seeing as though I'm writing this at 3pm I don't have many plans for the rest of the day, apart from completing my check list! We went car shopping today and took 4 cars out for a test drive. I need a new car so badly but I didn't realise how difficult it would be! I've had my Mini for 4 years and it was my first car I bought when I passed my test. It's battered but has been the best little run around but we're both looking to share something a little nicer! I found Gnocchi in Asda so I've just had a small portion of that with tomato and mascarpone sauce which was bloody delicious, looking forward to experimenting with some different flavours. Did a food shop and bought some stuff for our road trip next week, tried to find some battery powered fairy lights but I was unsuccessful.


How was your week?

Tough, to say the least. I've been to the gym once because I've been so knackered which is a big comparison to my usual 5/6 times a week. Going to go tonight and try and clear my head ready for the week ahead and hopefully I will feel a lot better.


Recently I've been feeling a little out of place, unorganised, anxious, restless, tired and just not myself. I find it hard to talk to people about the way I'm feeling and I often let it build up so much inside that I can often burst out in to tears, and it's always a little unexpected for the person on the receiving end (that's usually Josh). I'm one of those people who bottles emotion up inside and I find it easy to pretend that everything is okay because why shouldn't everything be okay? I have amazing friends, the best family and of course a loving and supportive boyfriend. I'm one of those people who's afraid of upsetting anyone but never one to think so much about how I'm actually feeling or how someone has upset me, do you get me? I feel like I'm waffling but here I am. I've struggled this past week, both mentally and physically. I just feel so drained and even though I know I shouldn't be feeling like this, I am.


Hey loves! How's your week going? It seems to be dragging so much, I cannot wait to finish work at 3pm tomorrow! I have another Thai lesson on Saturday morning and we are hopefully going to get out and tackle a proper mountain on Sunday if it stays nice! I'm looking forward to it because we've spent the past two Sunday's doing pretty much nothing and I'm getting itchy feet, haha! Maybe I should VLOG this weekend? I actually really enjoy it and I've just swapped Adobe Illustrator for Premiere Pro so I need some footage to practice with! Can you give me any tips and pointers? We are also having a meal out on Saturday with Josh's family for his little brother's 21st birthday which I'm looking forward to. I've chosen all vegetarian options so we'll see how that goes... Never had a vegetarian burger before! We've been thinking about our road trip later this month and have been looking at going to Northumberland for a few nights before coming back to the Lake District, thoughts on that? I've never been but it does look very beautiful. Knowing us we'll have changed our mind 10 times before we eventually settle on an idea, probably on the day we set off! 😉 Anyway, speak tomorrow sometime! Love, L. 

First YouTube Video of 2018

Evening guys! Here's my first YouTube video of 2018. I've been wanting to do this for so long now and finally felt some motivation today to get it filmed and edited! I love filming and editing, it's so much fun and I wish I could get in to the swing of doing it more often. Suggestions for the next one are welcome but I will be vlogging my next trip in February. Hope you like it! I need to go and have a lie down because my eyes are going square from looking at this screen all afternoon, haha! Love, L.