Hey loves! I hope you’ve had a loveeeeely Saturday and storm Brian hasn’t interfered with your plans too much. With lots of rain outside I had a bit of a clear out and a well needed sort out. I bought a rail for our clothes because we still haven’t got round to getting our wardrobe fitted yet. We’ve decided to leave it until after Christmas because it’s probably going to cost us an arm and a leg. I’ve never done flat packed furniture before but if I’m honest I totally bossed it, haha! Cannot wait for a trip to IKEA one day, then I can have a home full of flat pack! I’ve made Terry’s chocolate orange brownies tonight, something I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time. I will let you know if they’re delicious! Tonight is a chilled one, we were going to go to the cinema but decided to chill at home instead! Speak again soon, L.





Hey lovelies! How’re you? I’ve enjoyed today! Gran and I did some baking for my store’s charity – Kendal Mountain Rescue. I made cheese scones and gran made a sandwich cake, yum! I think I overdid the scones though, haha! I thought it was about time I showed you where my room had got to so here it is! I love it, especially my gorgeous chesterfield bed that I haven’t stopped talking about since the day I laid my eyes on it! It’s still a little bare and I plan on having some photographs on the walls. It’s come a loonggg way from where we were last month and I can finally appreciate a proper bed and of course a soft fluffy carpet to tickle my toes when I leap out of bed in the morning. I’ll do a bit of a homeware haul once we’re completely done so I can share with you all my favourite bits and bobs! Talk soon, L.

Flat Update

Wow, hello August! I hope this month we get to see a little sunshine because July has been the dullest month so far this year! Although dull, July has been the most exciting for Josh and I. If you have been reading my previous posts or following me on my instagram stories you’ll understand why (and if not you can go check them out!). We’re in to our final week of decorating and all this work has really taken it’s toll on my body, I feel like I’ve done a workout every single night! Saying that, I can’t wait to get back out walking. Living in doors all day and night is horrible! All that is left to do is get our bedroom carpet fitted tomorrow night and then our new bed arrives on Tuesday! We also need to start thinking about our built in wardrobe. I have drawn up a few ideas for Josh to work from so hopefully he can build that in the next couple of weeks. I haven’t taken many pictures this week because not much has changed so here are just a few. I’m thinking of filming something for YouTube, what do you guys think? Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see, I’m open to all ideas! Speak soon, L.

This Week

It’s Saturday! Hallelujah! I should probably start my endless list of jobs that I have to do but I am so tired and we are getting Chinese food tonight as a treat, although I will regret it once I’ve finished it. It’s been a whole week since I last spoke to you and a lot has changed over that short space of time. We finished my gran’s room off on Thursday, she’s now home and was so shocked at the work we had done in such a small space of time! The hallway has lovely new oak flooring and the doors that Josh chose for the 4 rooms are perfect! I should let him chose thing’s more often because he has really good taste, haha! Our room is getting there but … I changed my blue wall! I know, I change my mind more than .. well you get the idea. We’re going all grey with the walls as we have a dark charcoal bed arriving next week and I’m not sure blue and charcoal go very well together. Plus, we got a really good deal on the bed so it was the best decision to change the paint. AND it’s a king size, which means star fishing! I cannot wait to show you it, it’s be-au-ti-ful! Speak again soon, L.

Midnight Secret

Ahhh, I’ve literally just sat down after working a good 9 hours on the flat! My arms are killing me from painting! I need a massage! Perhaps I can convince Josh on Monday when he’s back from Portugal… haha!  Just look at him in his costume! I don’t know who he’s supposed to be but he suits the hair, haha! He’s away on a stag do for 3 nights with about 20 lads so I have a feeling he’s going to come back a bit worse for wear… This week I made a slight hiccup and bought the wrong paint. It looked great in the book but when applied on to my bedroom wall it was far too bright so I went back to the drawing board and as soon as I started flicking through the colour charts I immediately spotted ‘Midnight Secret’ and oh my goodness I love this colour so so much! It is the perfect shade of blue and it looks so good on my wall as a feature! This is the colour I’d always pictured in my head and I’m so glad I found. It compliments the other walls which are painted in ‘Frosted Steel’ by Dulux. I think I should’ve gone for a less bluey grey and gone more for a white grey because I feel the room is a little too blue now. It might look different once we have the grey carpets put in and all the other bits and bobs to make it look homely. Hopefully anyway! Oh and I caught up with Love Island last night, I’m backing Kem and Amber now to win it. I think they are the most genuine couple, who are you backing? Anyway, bed time! L.

Time Is Ticking … Fast!

I probably shouldn’t be wearing my favourite Birkenstocks to paint…


Hey! Today has been far too gorgeous to work inside but it has to be done because it’s only 10 days until gran returns. We also confirmed a date for the fitting of the carpets so everything needs to be done as soon as possible! Today I lifted the old tiles in the hallway and front bedroom ready for the new floors! We think they are asbestos so I’ve had to be extra careful, I wore a mask and tried to take them up without cracking but all day I’ve felt so itchy and sticky because it’s been so warm! I also finished my first coat of emulsion in the back bedroom tonight and it’s ready to have it’s second coat tomorrow (or the day after because I’ve got tea out with the work girls tomorrow!). We have finally decided on our paint and I’m going to pick that up after work tomorrow or order it if they don’t have it in, I cannot wait to show you which colour we ended up going for! I even ordered a floor mirror for our bedroom and two prints for above the bed head when the room is complete. The last thing we have to do is decide on a king size bed, as a double is too small for us especially in the summer (plus I don’t like too much skin contact when I’m asleep, haha!). I managed to bag a few bargains in the M&S sale and got myself lots of new bedding and a king size duvet, all for under £100! We want a storage bed, one that lifts up so we have plenty of room to put all our shoes, clothes, walking & camping gear etc. Do you recommend anywhere? Preferably with fast delivery.. Ciao, L.


Bonjour! How is? I was too tired to post last night, two glasses of red and a late night working meant I was flat out after my shower! Now we have lighting in both rooms, hip hip hooray! I showed Josh the carpet I wanted but unfortunately he wasn’t up for the glitter so I had to go back to the drawing board 🙁 I think we’ve finally come to a mutual decision with the carpets, wooden flooring and paint – phew!  So tomorrow I’m going to see Stu at Westmorland Flooring to confirm sizing and carpet choice! I’m also hoping I get chance to paint some emulsion on the walls if they are dry enough tomorrow evening. I was thinking of coving my gran’s bedroom. I’m not sure… I quite like the look of it but then again I might end up hating it once it’s on, what are your thoughts? We only have 11 days left to go and Josh goes away for four of those on a stag do!! I’m not sure we’re going to be done completely but I really hope we are. Anyway, I am pooped! Time for a shower and Love Island, L.



Why, hello there. I’m trying to vlog and then blog and then I’m getting confused whether I already said that on the camera or if I wrote it on here and I’m just losing my mind a little, haha! I think my video diary of the flat renovation is going to have to be split it to two or more videos because I seem to have so much footage already but hey ho! So, last night Dom (Josh’s friend and conveniently for us a plasterer) came round to plaster the ceiling. I feel like Gran’s bedroom is coming together a lot quicker than ours which is good because it needs to be done by the 26th! Today I woke up super duper early to get some jobs done 1. cleaned the house 2. blue grit the walls so they are ready to plaster tomorrow and 3. chose the carpets and paint for our bedroom! I have all these ideas in my head, I’m just not sure it’s going to work in real life. I use Pinterest a lot and it’s helped me decide my final two colours for our room, blue and grey! I just have to decide from the hundreds of colours to pick from now, ah! I’ve already decided which carpet I want thanks to Stu from Westmorland Flooring, he recommended the softest, prettiest (and most expensive) carpet and I fell in love instantly. It’s a light grey with little flecks of gold running through it. Ok, that might sound not too nice but it’s beautiful, honest. I just have to convince Josh that we NEED that carpet in our lives, haha! I just imagine stepping out of bed and it feeling oh so lovely on my little toes! It might even make those 5:30am starts that little bit easier. This evening we had Josh’s dad and little brother helping to board our bedroom ceiling which is another good job done and I feel as though it’s all coming together a little more now, yay! Today has been a good day, I could most definitely do house renovations for a living. Speak again soon, L.

Day 5 | Are We Getting Anywhere?


Hola! It’s day 5 and oh my the days just seem to be whizzing by! It feels like not much is changing and it’s all the hard work at the moment. Late nights and early mornings aren’t working well, however I’m surprised at how well I’ve coped so far! Josh has started insulating the front bedroom (our room) and has started boarding the ceiling in my grans room! We have also come across a bit of a problemo.. asbestos! Not sure how dangerous it really is but I was always warned about it and told not to breathe any of the dust in. I think the tiles throughout the whole flat are made from the stuff too so we will probably have to find a way of disposing them properly, as some of them are cracked and damaged. We also have Aaron here tonight helping with the radiators and we’ve decided to get a newer, sleek and longer radiator in our bedroom. I’d rather not have them at all but it’s always cold up here int North so we most definitely need one! Progress seems slow because Josh can only work on nights after work but we’ll get there I’m sure! I’m picking the carpets and paint on Thursday which is exciting so I’ll speak to you again on Thursday, L.


Hey there! FINALLY, we have started on the flat *woop woop*. It’s day 2 and we’re living in a mess! In fact, it’s not just a mess… it’s a bloody pigsty! I was at work today but Josh had two little helpers, his younger brothers Aaron and Issac, they give him a hand to fix in the wiring for our down lights and take off the radiators. The plaster has been taken off so the walls are back to the brick. I am now beginning to realise how much work really is involved and I’m a little scared, haha! We worked until 8:30pm and decided to finish the night off with a drink at our local before heading home with a takeaway pizza. Now we are snuggling down to watch Bridesmaids and we will wake up early to start work again. Speak again soon, L.

Items I Love | The Home Edit

1. ‘In a gentle way, you can shake the world’ – Ghandi

2. Lotus flower framed print.

Both from Desenio

I really love lotus flower prints, mainly because they are associated with Buddhism. “In Buddhist symbolism the lotus is symbolic of purity of the body, speech, and mind as while rooted in the mud, its flowers blossom on long stalks as if floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire.”


3. Sonos speaker (Josh just bought it and I love it! It’s so loud too)

4. Ladder shelving.

5. Cement plant pot from Next.


6 & 7. Bedside tables

Both in mango wood and from


8. Floor mirror.

9. Porcelain hurricane.

Both from Westelm, love their site! There are some lovely pieces.


Hey there! My gran is currently packing for her summer vacay to France whilst Josh and I are planning a little revamp of her bedroom and ours as a surprise for when she returns. Obviously the pieces above aren’t important yet because we have lots and lots of work to do before hand but I can’t help myself but dream of all the beautiful things I can decorate the flat with! It’s going to be a chaotic 3 weeks, with us both still working full time, trying to get new door casings in, a plasterer, new lighting, carpets, painted walls etc. etc. but I’m so excited to start work at long last! I’ll be documenting it all as always here on my blog but I’m also going to keep a little video diary that I will upload at the end of the month! For anyone that knows my gran, please don’t mention any of this to her because we really want to surprise her and if anyone has any advice or renovation projects of their own please leave me a comment because I’d love to see your transformations! Talk again soon, L.

Upholstery With Amy

Finally, back to being creative and getting my hands dirty! I’ve been feeling a little lost and fed up that I’m not doing something that I really love. My friend Amy invited me round to finish off my foot stool that I started last year. She has her own work shop and has started doing a lot of commissions, from cushions to sofas. She’s fab! The footstool is something Josh made for me to upholster and I absolutely love it. I bought this green/yellow fabric which I know isn’t to many people’s taste but it’s a great colour and it will look amazing in my bedroom when we have finished decorating. I even got chance to have a ride on Charlie – Amy’s horse! He is so cute! He didn’t even flinch when I jumped on his back. My gran has given me an old chair to reupholster that my great great grandma reupholstered years and years ago! So tomorrow I’m going to finish sanding that down and try and treat the wood before I decide what fabric to go for. Speak again soon, L.