Ciao England

So happy to be saying goodbye to England and the dodgy weather for a week. Fingers crossed it’s nice in Bucharest! We ended up being over on our check in baggage which is so typical! We literally have a suitcase full of shoes and trainers and had to have a shuffle around on the airport floor or pay an extra £30! Then I ended up paying £17 for two gin and tonics, man I feel so ripped off! 🙁 Now we are ready for take off, so I will catch you tomorrow in Romania! Love, L.

BTS LCF Photoshoot


Some of you may have seen some photos from yesterday's photoshoot over on my Instagram stories. I feel so weird saying 'photoshoot' because in no means am I a model but I was asked, along with 4 other gorgeous girlies to shoot a collection for Sophie's final project at London College of Fashion. Amazing right?! Not only that but we found out she also helped towards designing Michelle Keegan's last collection for Very and has bagged herself a job at Very after Uni is all over and done with. She's seriously incredible and I'm so thankful she asked ME of all people to model her collection! We were able to use the Old Dungeon Gyhll bar area to get ready which was a god send. It's a good job Soph didn't get make up and hair stylists because we got drenched but it totally made the look. We had an amazing photographer, Becky who I've worked with before for a collection Soph did years ago, during her first year at uni and even though I didn't like how I looked she really made me feel confident in front of the camera which is pretty difficult. The gang we had was such a good group and even though it rained and it poured and our tummy's were grumbling, we battled on and everyone was so optimistic. I really feel inspired meeting these girls, it was like a breath of fresh air. I cannot wait to see the final photos and of course I will share them here with you all too.

Tonight, we are getting sorted for our holiday. I know I have said this for the past 3 weeks but I haven't actually managed to start packing yet so I'm going to start tonight (probably) haha! Then I have one day left of work and then I'm on holiday!! I literally cannot wait. So excited to get away for a week and relax, eat good food and visit a new place with amazing friends and of course my love. Speak to you again maybe tomorrow. Love, L.



What I'm wearing...

Denim jacket by Missguided from ASOS

Slogan Tee by Miss Selfridge from ASOS

Sunnies from Zara

(Contemplating getting my hair a little shorter...)





We spent the afternoon at the Lakes Aquarium at Newby Bridge. It's a little pricey for what there is to see but I feel it's good to support local attractions. My favourite was seeing two otter's, Ollie and Lucy! They're seriously cute. We went out the other evening looking for them in the wild at the iron bridge where we live, as apparently there have been sighting's of them but unfortunately had no luck seeing them. There were also huge Sturgeon and Pike too, which pass over your head in a tunnel and stingrays, although I was a little disappointed you're no longer allowed to touch them, I used to love doing that as a kid! Then we grabbed some lunch at Homeground! We thought we would try again as my last attempt was pretty poor, I was seriously hungover and couldn't even touch my eggs benedict 🙁 I remember running to the toilet and having to pull myself together in order to hold my sick in and not embarrass myself... bad times! This time Josh chose the eggs benny and I went for the Homeground sarnie - which is bloody delicious! I was a little sceptical on the smash avo as I'd never really had it before but I completely understand all the hype around smash avocado now and I'm going to be making my own with my famous poached eggs 😉 The wait was a little long and my stomach was starting to grumble but totally worth the wait, especially for their hash browns! Hashbrown's are just the best aren't they? Anyway, I think I've rambled on enough and I'm ready for a lie down. Speak again soon, L.




What I'm wearing...

Jacket by Missguided from ASOS, here.

Bralet from Marks and Spencer, here.

Belt from ASOS, here.

Mini skirt from Missguided last year, similar here.


Good morning! Happy Monday to you all 🙂 I thought I'd share with you a little outfit I'm thinking of packing for our trip to Bucharest in less than 3 weeks! The weather is supposed to be around 20-25 degrees and I'm very much looking forward to being able to wear shorts and skirts, oh and finger's crossed I build up some kind of tan! I got the bralet from M&S yesterday and think it's going to work so well with a pair of high waisted wide leg trousers but I also think it looks pretty cool worn with double denim, what do you think? I've also been on the hunt for a denim jacket and I took the plunge with this one, which I'm pretty pleased about as there are so many different styles on the market but it had to be oversized and the right shade of denim. I always kick myself for selling my Levi denim jacket because that was just perfect. Finish this look off with a pair of white trainers, a reddy/orange lip to compliment my nail varnish and of course a cool pair of sunnies! I'll probably share with you some more of my outfit ideas before jetting off, have a good day! Love, L.

Tapas & Gin


What I'm wearing...

Bodysuit from Zara

Trousers from Marks and Spencer

Shoes from Zara


So, what do you do when your boyfriend is working late and you relied on him for some outfit pictures? Set your iPhone on self timer and plonk yourself next to your plants, haha! And of course, take a mirror selfie 🙂 Do you like my outfit? I absolutely love the print on the Zara body I picked up a few weeks ago. I was unsure what to wear it with and really would've preferred a pair of wide fit navy trousers for the summer but I think these slim leg trousers from M&S work really well and they're also a good staple piece to have in your wardrobe. I'm loving the whole smart/casual look I'm seeing lately, mixing up formal outfits with a pair of trainers so I'm looking forward to recreating some outfits this Spring. Maybe I'll do these trousers 5 ways, would you like to see how I style them? Last night was Becky's hen do at Terrazzo with the work gang! It was so much fun and the food was delicious. I went for the Spanish platter in the end, although there were several other things I could've chosen but you know, I didn't wanna look greedy so I just settled with that... There was a artist on and the vibe was just really lovely but I had work early this morning so it wasn't a wild one, although it could've easily been! Tonight is total chill night, maybe a walk if the weather stays like it is. I love the light just before the sun sets, it's so magical! Then movie, snacks, relax.. Can't wait! Now, time to shower so I will speak to you again soon. Hugs, L.

Friday Night


Good morning! Ahh, so lovely to wake up early with the snow falling, again! Although, I think it's about time it started to warm up so we could welcome in Spring now.. Last night we didn't have anything planned but our friends Hannah and Tucker invited us out for last minute dinner with their little one, Zach! Was nice to catch up over food and a few drinks and I always like spontaneous nights. I only had half an hour to get ready so went for my usual 'go-to' outfit that is comfy and warm. My favourite jumper from &Other Stories that I would like in a few other colours for next Autumn, my high rise skinny jeans from M&S, my All Saints leather biker jacket I got for my 21st birthday and of course, my Doc Martens that I never get much chance to wear! I've been looking at the Jadon boot that I'll invest in this year because I think they look so cool with that extra platform sole. Today I don't have much planned.. I'm going to try and get to the gym but I am SO sore from Thursday's workout with my brother, Alex. He made me do a full body workout and my abs and sides are killing me! Then, tonight we have dinner with some friends for Shaun's birthday which I am looking forward to! Have a lovely day, L.

Snow Day!


Morning! Wow, what a morning! I woke up at 5:30am ready to go to work and quickly realised that there was no safe way out of my hometown by car. So much snow has fallen through the night and it's very magical walking through 7 inches of snow, in the peace and quiet, listening to the birds tweeting. Gran made bacon butties at about 7:30am and we've been for a walk around the river but my toes were so cold and the wind chill is about -8, I had to come back home and change my coat because all the snow was sticking to it! Today is going to consist of swotting up on my Thai, a couple of toasted teacakes, endless cups of Horlick's and lots and lots of layers! Speak soon, L.

Shopping Basket


Pink fluffy bag, here. Cardigan, here. Court shoes, here. High heels, here. Trousers, here. Bodysuit, here. Sunglasses, here. Handbag, here

I'm absolutely loving everything Zara has to offer at the moment and I currently have these items sat in my shopping basket that I'm considering buying for the Spring, so I thought I'd share with you guys what my favourite pieces from the site are. I think that those mustard trousers and that floral bodysuit will go so well together but I just need a special occasion to go to or perhaps somewhere in the Mediterranean 😉 I am so into anything inspired by the 60's and I'm so frustrated that those sunnies have sold out already because I was going to get them. I will have to get the tortoise shell ones instead! Ah anyway, it feels too early to even start thinking about the Spring when it's so cold here but I noticed the morning's getting a little lighter this morning so there's hope it will arrive sooner rather than later! Tonight, I'm putting together some of our stuff for the road trip and tomorrow we get the camper van so I'll show you that tomorrow. Have a nice evening, love L.


IMG_3210 copy

I am wearing

Shirt & trousers from Zara

Nike trainers from ASOS

Watch from Cluse

Hoops from Topshop

Everything I am wearing is pretty old because I haven't bought anything new in so long, sorry no links to them! Would you prefer if I found similar items and linked those? Let me know and if so I will do that! It was Josh's little brothers birthday on Saturday so we all went out for a meal to celebrate him turning 21. I didn't plan what to wear so it's a bit mis-matchy but I kind of like it and I was comfortable which worked well for me after 3 courses even though I felt like a balloon. Had to get Josh to take some quick photos at his Grandma's house before we went out and he was a little tipsy so they didn't turn out great which is why I've layered two together, haha! Hugs, L. 



I am wearing

Chenille jumper from Peacocks, here

Dr Marten belt

Mom jeans from Topshop, here

Dr Marten boots, here

Hey loves! Here is a little 'outfit of the day'. Casual and comfy, I like it! 🙂 Woke up early, went for a short run to the gym, had breakfast and then went to Barrow to see my friend Clare and her little one Arlo for my first cuddle. Wow, I don't think I've ever felt so broody in all my life, haha! He is so adorable. I'll share some pictures with you later! The journey to Barrow is so long from home, it took me over an hour to get there and now I'm home, all I want to do is go to bed! It feels like it's been such a long day and I haven't even done very much. Speak again soon, L. 

What I Bought This Month

Click the picture to get the link to them!

Here we have 'thing's I wasted my money on this month', haha! To be honest I think I've done pretty well with my spending this month and I've actually only bought things I really need... (that's what I keep telling myself anyway!) First off are the yellow industrial laces for my Dr Marten boots which I got for Christmas from Josh. I think they look so much better with the contrasting laces and they fit so much better with the socks too. They're still quite rigid and need breaking in properly but I haven't had chance to wear them much. I finally bought a little A5 scrapbook for all my polaroid pictures that I will be taking over the year! Some haven't turned out so great so I probably won't include those but I'm going to swot up on how to adjust the settings so I don't waste too many shots. I decided because I was in the gym so much that I needed some new leggings and a new sports bra. I picked up these from M&S and I love them both so much. Very comfortable and super breathable too! Lastly, Josh and I purchased our flight tickets to Bucharest to see Sam and Lena which I am so excited for because Lena already has so much planned for us to see and do! I'm not sure what to expect with the food but I'm positive it won't be a problem for me, haha! Let me know if you like these kind of posts, I'm thinking of doing them at the end of every month. Lots of love, L. 



I am wearing

Topshop bralet

Pretty Little Thing trousers, here

Zara heels

Here is last nights outfit from our work Christmas do! I had been looking for a pair of plain black wide leg trousers for so long and came across these paper bag ones from PLT and had to have them. Definitely a wardrobe must have, they go with almost anything, just wish they had pockets for a casual look! The bralet is pretty old, I got it around 3 years ago but I still love it! Ended up being home for midnight last night because I didn't feel great so was drinking water for most of the night 🙁 I feel okay today though so hopefully I'm not getting ill or anything. This morning we didn't wake up until 10:30 so now we are going to have a late breakfast/brunch and have a chilled day and gym together later. It's not so nice outside which is a bit sad because I wanted to go for a walk but I guess that's an excuse for a movie and duvet day, haha! Speak again soon, L.