Hey loves, sorry I haven’t posted for a few days! I’ve been enjoying sunbathing and swimming so we haven’t done too much exciting! I had a good old pamper day on Monday, I had a facial and got rid of all my black heads. It felt so good but I started crying when she was removing the black heads from my nose! So, so painful! I got a hair cut and had about 2 inches off, it feels so much lighter and much more manageable in this heat! Then later Josh and I went for a full body milk massage to help with our sun burns. Love massages and they are so cheap out here too, wish I could get them at home more often! Today looks a good day, not sure what the plan is but I know it will involve tanning and eating delicious food! I think we will book an excursion or a few nights in Koh Phi Phi? I don’t know! Speak again tomorrow, L.