New gym leggings, here!

Did you know that today is the most miserable day of the year? I woke up in such a good mood too, haha! I obviously don't adhere to that day of the year! How has your day been? My Monday has been good, I arrived in time for my £1 a day parking by two minutes spare *wahoo*, got my eyebrows and tash waxed and even managed to fit a really good gym session in in these lovely new leggings I picked up on the way home! They're very comfy and they sit above my belly button which I love because it holds in all my wobbly bits that I'm hoping will have disappeared by the summer 😉 I have been very good lately though and I'm really enjoying the gym and getting in to a routine, I just think I need to step it up a notch this week, I miss feeling really sore for some strange reason... Tonight, I'm going to sort through some paper work and get sorted because I feel like we are living in a bit of a mess at the moment! Speak again soon, L. 


Me, Izzy and Oscar!


I love Sunday's! Especially when they involve a little lie in, bacon butties with HP sauce and a stroll on the hills. They say it's the simple things in life that you remember and enjoy the most and truth is, it really is! This year, the two of us have decided to cut back on unnecessary spending. We used to eat out a lot (and we still will on special occassions, just not all the time) and waste money on just general shit so instead on our weekends off work we will be packing a lunch box and making the most of what we have around us, rain or shine! Today we climbed Catbell's in Keswick, a short walk that I've been wanting to do since forever! It took around 45 minutes to reach the cairn that marks the summit of Catbells so it's fairly easy and perfect for a Sunday stroll! The views are incredible and I can only imagine they are so much better on a clearer day! I'd recommend getting there early as there's limited parking on the road side, we also spotted a ticket man fining people for parking on double yellow lines so don't do it! We nearly did but thankfully found a parking space further on. I hope you've enjoyed your weekend, I'm looking forward to relaxing and watching SAS Who Dares Win's tonight. Love, L. 


I'm currently sat on the sofa watching Tarzan whilst I sip a hot cup of tea. I've been browsing Pinterest tonight for some inspiration. I did try Tumblr at first but I just can't get my head around it at all. I'm really not a fan of the layout, I find it all very confusing and hard work to use, so here's a little mood board of some thing's inspiring me at the moment from Pinterest! Using Photoshop to manipulate photographs and merge thing's together, I love this idea! Clean cut, simple fashion like that gorgeous black swimming costume styled with a pair of retro 60's style sunglasses, they can make any outfit look chic! Can't wait to get a pair for our summer holiday. Fresh, sun kissed skin and minimal make up or even better .. non at all! What I love about going on holiday is being able to wear only your tan on your face and still feel pretty. Loving the grainy effects and style of film photography at the moment, I think it's about time I invested in a film camera for the summer. Any recommendations? I want to see as many places as possible this year, particularly Europe. I want to visit all the untouched places, blue water, lots of flowers, not many people. I really want to see more and live more! I even want to get out camping more and after an unsuccessful trip to Scotland last year, I would like to go back when the weather is a little better. 

Hey lovelies! How do you like the new layout? I decided it was about time I revamped my blog after 1 and a half years! My aim was to create a blog that I would love to sit and read and I have always liked the idea of scrolling through posts instead of having to click on one individual image. I got this idea from popular Scandinavian bloggers, such as Janni Deler and Angelica Blick who have inspired me massively when it comes to the blog.

You'll notice not too much has changed here as I like simplicity and I want to make my blog easy for you to navigate around. I decided to add a new header so now you know exactly who's writing these posts haha! That photo is from my most favourite couple of days in Koh Phi Phi last year, sat outside our little hut, it is a 'selfie' but I like it and it will do until I get some 'proper' photos taken! (Anyone want to practice shooting?) I also decided to change it up a little with the fonts I was using. I wanted something fuss free and easy to read so I chose Trebuchet MS for my posts. I like the style a lot more than my previous one!

This year I want to focus more on my blog and I want to post on a regular basis but I also want my content to get better and more in-depth. I don't want to keep posting crappy images where not much thought has gone in to taking them, so I'm promising to spend more time focusing on my photography skills. With that said, my main focus will be to create posts more fashion based as that's the direction I want this blog to go. Although, it is very hard when you don't have anyone to shoot with, are very shy in front of the camera and only have fields around you to shoot in, not ideal but I'm sure I'll figure something out by the end of the year... *fingers tightly crossed*. 

I'm also all ears when it comes to suggestions on what you'd like to see and read so don't hesitate to send me a message! I would love to hear your suggestions!

IMG_2349 copy

Very blurry polaroid from Tuesday evening

It's almost time for Amy to leave for a whole 6 months! She's going travelling to Thailand with her boyfriend Joe and I am very very jealous but excited for the two of them because I know that they will love it! So the three of us and Joe had a few drinks and pizza before I got a little emotional, haha! It's a little strange that I felt so emotional actually as although we went to school together and have been good friends, it wasn't until last year we started seeing each other more on a regular basis. I guess sixth form, college, jobs and just general life got in the way but now that our friendship has been rekindled we can make up for those years missed... Well, when she arrives back in June we can! L.


New year, new goals and I'm definitely in much of a better head space than I was last year! I feel so much better for letting some steam off tonight as we haven't done much today. We were supposed to do 'half newlands round' in Keswick but Josh hasn't felt great so we decided not to venture out in the cold and make his throat any worse but we did manage to get to the gym for an hour before tea. I also need a loose fitting t-shirt for the gym because I ended up wearing this old rolling stones tee but it looks stupid to work out in. I only have tight fitting vests and I don't like wearing those as they hug in all the wrong places, haha! Now I'm going to shower and get some rest, it feels so much later than it actually is! I'm ready for the lighter nights now. Speak again soon, love L.


Saturday afternoon spent with friends and good food! Just how I like it 😉 Here's an easy little yomp for anyone who wants a view but can't be bothered with walking boots, a tough climb and super cold conditions... Gummer's How. It's like a 20 minute walk from the car park up to the trig point and the view of Windermere lake is pretty amazing. I didn't actually realise how vast Windermere was until I saw it from Gummer's How today! So, I wore my new trainers which was a really bad idea because I got them really muddy and I'm a little unsure whether to put them in the washer or not, what do you think? Josh always puts his in but I don't want to ruin them! Anyway, after the walk we drove down to the Mason's Arms at Strawberry Bank for lunch and it was so so yummy! I chose the chicken and bacon with blue cheese sauce and new potatoes which is strange because I never actually eat chicken whenever I go to a restaurant but today I did and it was very good. It was such a cute little pub and it was like we were eating in someone's house with creaky floorboards and lots of pictures and clocks hung on the wall. I then went to town with Bethany and we had a coffee, something else I don't normally have but I fancied a Mocha, haha! 


Finally, it's the weekend! Last night Josh cooked me 'speedy spinach curry' from Jamie Oliver's 5 Ingredients cook book. It has no meat in so I was a little sceptical at first but it was so delicious and the paneer cheese that was the meat substitute was actually just like eating chicken. I think I'd like to do a meat free Monday or just a day through the week so I can vary my diet a little more. 


What better way to start the weekend than with a gym session. I am still so sore from Wednesday's run and gym (it was my first workout since the beginning of December!) so I've just had a hot bath to give my muscles a good soak before I get ready to meet the girls. There's a few of us who went to school together that are meeting up for a walk and a pub lunch as our friend Amy is going travelling for 6 months with her boyfriend Joe. I'm incredibly jealous but so happy for her! I'm currently blow drying my hair as I write this post because we are setting off in half an hour so I better run! Speak later, L. 


Hello 2018! How did you spend your NYE or NYD? I much prefer spending the first day of the year with my friends and family rather than going out on New Year’s Eve. I got to see family that I hadn’t seen for months and months and our friends Hannah and Tucker also joined us for the day in Kirkby Lonsdale. We started the day off with very civilised drinks at the Royal Hotel and from there on out it was all pretty much downhill… haha! We danced the night away in the King’s and then enjoyed a quiet tipple in Number Nine – a Tapas restaurant that has recently opened in Kirkby. I’m very much looking forward to sampling the food there sometime soon! Then of course we ordered a huge Chinese takeaway which we couldn’t manage to eat but I’m sure it will have disappeared by the end of today no doubt! Today I want to get sorted, clean up and make it feel a fresh start for the New Year and I’m going to persuade Josh to gym with me later so we can feel good for the rest of the week. Speak to you again soon, L.


Not sure this photo relates but I don’t have another one to use so here you go! 


It’s that time of year again… the time we start thinking about the changes we are going to make in the New Year. The foods we are going to stop eating and which gym we’ll join for our everyday workouts we have planned out in our heads, haha! No but seriously, I have to get my arse in to gear if I’m going to make the most of 2018. I mean, for me 2017 was a good year but I’m hoping that this next year is going to be great! And here’s a number of things I plan on doing in 2018… Ready?

Numero uno… Make more YouTube videos! I watch YouTube more than I watch television and I love watching 10 minute vlog’s of someone else’s every day to day life. Most of them lead much more interesting lives than I do and I’m not sure anyone would truly enjoy all my videos but I’m going to do them anyway. My first one for 2018 will be ’30 thing’s before 30′. Samantha Maria is a YouTuber and Blogger I watch often and she did recently did a little video on 30 things she’d like to see/do before she turns 30, you can watch that here. I thought it would be a good video to film and will give me lots to talk about! I’m currently putting my list together for that, although there’s like a million and one things I’d like to do before then so I’ll pick my absolute favourites for that!

Two, take more photos. And I don’t mean crappy ones of my tea and toast on a Saturday morning (as much as I like doing so…) I mean real good photographs, shot with my camera on manual. Basically, I have to swot up on the basic photography skills and then progress further than an amateur photographer. I’ve been looking through some of my Grandad’s old film photograph’s and I kind of wish I had a film camera. Maybe I’ll look in to that in the New Year too!

Drink less alcohol. I think this year I’ve proved to myself that I don’t need alcohol to have a good time. I kind of relied on having a drink so I wouldn’t behave like my socially awkward self around people I didn’t know but I think I’m slowly becoming a little more confident in myself *hooray!* and I’m willing to swap a Gin & Tonic for a orange juice a little easier than previous years.

I managed to summit 5 of some the most popular mountains in England this year and I honestly don’t know why it has taken me this long to get in to walking. It’s an indescribable feeling being so high up with views so breathtaking. For 2018 I plan on summiting a whole load more so please, if you know of any mountains you think I might like, leave me a comment, tweet me, message me, I’d love to hear you recommendations!

And last but certainly not least, I really want to get back to being more creative and focusing more on what I’m really passionate about. It’s very difficult for me to focus on drawing and things like that without like minded people around me but I’m not going to let that stop me anymore. I’d like to get back to college part-time and learn more about graphic design.


What are your New Year resolutions? 


Love, L.




Can you tell I got the Wacom Intuos for Christmas? I’ve been trying it out on some of these photos to try and get the hang of things. It’s actually so much harder than it looks, haha! If you follow my Instagram, you’ll see that we went out walking again! This time we did Bowfell in the Langdales and what a whopper of a day it was! Perfect hiking weather in my opinion! We had planned on doing Bowfell, Eskpike, Great End, over Broad Cragg onto Scafell Pike, totally kidding! That’s maybe one for summer when we have lighter nights then we could even stop in my favourite place in the Lakes, Wasdale! We started our hike at Stool End Farm again, the same way we went for Crinkle Crags but instead of veering off to the left, we went to the right up Bowfell via Great Slab and down past Angle Tarn. It took us 5 and a half hours and in total we walked 9.71 miles! I think this could be one of the furthest ones we have done?! I’m surprised I’m not aching today! Maybe I’m getting fitter? Haha! I had my camera cleaned on Christmas Eve so no more annoying smudges like last time. I thought I was going to have to buy a new lens, the smudges had gotten so bad but thankfully it just needed a deep clean. I’m working all weekend so I’m not sure I’ll get chance to post much before the New Year. I’m looking forward to spending New Years day with my family and a few friends in Kirkby Lonsdale 🙂 L.

Hey loves! I hope you’re having a lovely Christmas! Mine has been very full on today as we woke up early to head to Manchester for the Utd game. We stopped at Wagamama’s for lunch with everyone before the match, I had the steak bulgogi which was so delicious! I just wish we had a Wagamama’s nearby because I swear I’d spend all my time there, haha! We ended up being a little late arriving to the match, maps on our iPhone was being a total pain in the bum so we ended up doing a few U-turns to get to the right car park but we managed.. eventually! I’m just glad I wasn’t driving, there is nothing worse than driving in the city. I hate it! The game ended 2-2 which is a little disappointing but I guess it’s better than losing. Every match I’ve been to Utd always lose so it’s nice to see a little hope ha! Now, I’m going to cook something quick as we are a little hungry and then catch up with a few series of Walking Dead before bed and work in the morning 🙁 So I will speak to you Thursday! Night, L.