5 Things I Would’ve Told My Younger Self


Leave your bloody hair and eyebrows alone! I will never forget the time I shaved my eyebrows so it looked as though I had two little tadpoles on my face. I just remember my mum going crazy at me because my eyebrows were so big and full and I had 100% ruined them, it took me months to get them back to normal and it’s only been within the past few months that I’ve been completely satisfied with the way they look. As for my hair… I’m sure two friends of mine remember the very very tragic night they decided to dye the underneath of my hair blonde! Yes, blonde! Well, it turned out patchy and I’m not joking when I say it took me years to grow that horrible blonde dry hair out. If you want to dye your hair, go to a salon and definitely do not let your 13 year old friends do it.

Listen to your parents. I know it feels as though they are nagging and they’re wrong and that they hate you but they don’t. They want the best for you! Whether it be false friends or unsuitable boyfriends, they see straight through it all and it will only be a matter of time until you find out too but most likely, the hard way. But I guess that’s how we learn and that shapes us into the people we are today.

Not everyone is your best friend! Growing up, I would say I was a fairly popular girl. I had several ‘best friends’ and thought the more the better. How wrong was I. At some point, you’re going to drift away from those people you thought were your friends and thats ok. Don’t take it to heart because there is so much more in life to be happy about and as soon as your let go and get rid of negative energy the sooner you feel a better person.

I know I’m still young but the older I have become the more I have seemed to value my family a lot more. I wish I had done this a lot sooner because I can’t express how time is so precious and you never know what may be around the corner. All I can say is, take time away from our hectic lives to remember that our family needs us as much as we need them. Don’t be so busy living a crazy life that you forget about the loved ones around you because when you look back you will regret the times you couldn’t make it round for tea or the phone calls you never responded to.

Finally, the most important thing I’d of liked to have told myself and any of you youngsters reading is not to worry about the future or where you are going or if you don’t know what path you want to go down. Non of it matters because you never truly end up where you thought you were headed anyway so just take the chance to suck in as many experiences as possible, meet new people, grow and explore parts of the world. You never know what wonderful opportunities may arise when you just let go and enjoy this wonderful world that we live in.